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Sufficient with painful try ego to massage

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Old people often feels sufficient when get out of bed since morning or the first step takes since sedentary station with painful heavier, the meeting after going a little while is reduced, walk overmuch hind accentuate again; With hand pressing, sensory pain spot is in underside following character or all round; Pat X mating plate to the hospital, follow bone spur hyperplasia it is thus clear that sometimes. This kind of disease is an old person the commonnest sufficient with painful.

Appear sufficient with painful when old people need not nervous, because this may be,bring about by a lot of kinds of reason. With painful mostly beardless operation. Massage ploy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is simple easy travel, can alleviate effectively this kind sufficient with painful.

Specific massage cure:

1 . But after Wen Shuiyu is sufficient, with the circle blunt massage club or forefinger joint are pressed repeatedly knead push very sufficient tenderness following a ministry to nod, force by arrive gently heavy, it is with can be being borne degree.

The patient can feel sufficient to as afflictive as the ministry feeling disappears slowly gradually. The direction that push a top is push to toe direction first, again to turn over direction to push.

2. Show with big toe the abdomen is pressed knead sufficient core, do to toe direction push a way 6 ~ 8. By knead emerge fontal acupuncture point. Ordinal pull pull each toe. Make toe support or oppose is extended as far as possible, can involve film of the muscle that pull Zhi so. Or raise sufficient with, toe touchdown crouchs a little while, also can achieve similar result.

3. Take knead, carry hold crus abdomen to reach with tendon. Mix with big toe other 4 point to pair of operable force to be taken repeatedly up and down hold crus abdomen and with tendon. The inside and outside before kneading tendon of malleolar pointed heel to hold and be being pressed with big toe and forefinger caves place.

4. Still can look for a golf to step to fall in the foot, take seat, in arch and sufficient with boil slowly knead.

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