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Bathe correctly increase man capacity

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Those sexy camera lens in after-thought film, eliminate passion makes fun of on hot bed, the camera lens of bath of hero of male and female also became the appearance of ponder of people for a long time. If bathe count foreplay, so, it also is a crucial. To the man, mastered accurate bathing method, can help them enhance function power even.

China combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor of vice director of Guo Jun of secretary-general of committee of major of institutional male division tells a reporter, when bathing, can use cold hot water appropriately alternant bath, this is a kind of method that enhances man sex function. Specific means is, the body immerses with Wen Shui inside preexistence bathtub, wait for sufficient and tepid hind give bathtub again, to pubic inflict cold water, about 3 minutes, after waiting for the penis, scrotal systole, reentry bathtub, relapse so 3, 5 can.

Guo Jun says, if temperature is proper, use cold hot water to rush alternately drench, can raise skin metabolism, enhance hemal flexibility. Generally speaking, of the penis erect the ligament that can make support the penis and nerve are quite fatigue, and erect time grows more tired out more. And with Wen Shui stimulation can accelerate blood to circulate, let spermary and penis " full of vim and vigour " rise. In the meantime, the groin of ham root inside is carry blood and nerve discrepancy to spermary " traffic thoroughfare " , crucial to sexual function of the man. Groin is stimulated with Wen Shui when shower, point to with two hands from on be down stroke groin, also have profit very much to enhancing sexual function.

Additional, guo Jun thinks, to the male, the penis and groin are key cleanness place. For the person that grow too to phallic wrapping or hires a bine, more such. Because the penis is right the outside is exciting and sensitive, bath fluid or soap harm the skin near glans easily, bad instead to the body. Accordingly, had better rinse with clear water only.

Finally, guo Jun emphasizes, should from go up at all the sexual function that enhances the male, in the final analysis should rely on able-bodied physique. Europe " secrete make water is surgical 2006 guideline " think, it is good that the man has the body only, function force just has been met. And alternant like cold heat the sexual function that such bath law can improve a man inside short time only, cut cannot regard it as fundamental treatment.

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