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"Hong Kong foot " the patient can try to wash a foot with green tea

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Summer arrives, the beriberi of a lot of people made again, because this time is high heat is damp, suit skin tinea bacterium to grow very much, the tall hair that is n/med beriberi is seasonal.
Common saying says long disease becomes a good doctor, speak of beriberi, it is to eight saints go across the sea really each shows special prowess. What waits by no means an isolated case a moment with glue of bee of acetic bubble foot, besmear, however, some prescription have some of effect apparently, once the symptom was done not have, everybody is unwary also without giving thought to, time grows, the trouble that stays then is met " benefit rolls profit " break up a few times.

The folk prescription of time-tested
This year just the gentlemen of 30 the first month that come forward, can say to going up is " old " n/med beriberi patient, he uses the folk prescription countless that pass, what wipes garlic toward affected part, with foot of bath of Chinese prickly ash, immerse the foot in thick vinegar, besmear toward the foot even bee glue...

Although he does not have the folk prescription of these folk,fall, but the evidence that his n/med beriberi still has done not have, some prescription just had some of improvement, when itching he without giving thought to.
Weather of these two days of Fuzhou particularly fuggy, gentleman of the first month must talk about business with the client everyday, the sock adds leather shoes, wrap the foot those who get severe tight fact, this one airtight, he begins again afflictive.
Sleep in the evening Shi Ji is urticant bear hard, cannot help really, the hand is caught with respect to involuntary ground. Rise in the morning the following day, discovery rotted between toe, and still have stink of piscine raw meat or fish. Gentleman of the first month uses old method rapidly, had tried one by one, still surprise urticant bear hard, the prescription that how these return some function so invalidation?

100 think of the gentleman of the first month that does not get its to solve to must appeal to the hospital doctor, when the doctor sees his foot, his sole has had some of canker, the athlete's foot that the doctor says gentleman of the first month is the debaucjed between foot model, and already the bacterium is affected.
7 can have into the person of above " n/med beriberi " pester the upper part of the body
"The athlete's foot that we say, common of the everybody in living daily namely actually says ' Hong Kong foot ' . " Xiao Dingyuan of doctor of chairman of surgery of traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of the 2nd people says the Fujian Province, this is skin disease of a kind of extremely common fungus infection sex, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine calls crural fungus infection of hand or foot, western medicine calls sufficient tinea.

Fuzhou is located in coastal, air high fever is damp, suit skin tinea bacterium to grow very much, it is the tall hair area of n/med beriberi. In the adult, have 70 - the person of 80 % can have athlete's foot, it is weight differs only just. The summer sends season high just about, it is so " Hong Kong foot " confused person is increasing also.

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