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Fitness of cold water bath
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The child of adjacent home has asthma as a child, let its parents suffer all kinds of " to torment " . Classics person gives directions after, child father lets him practice winter swimming. Come down a few years, the child not only disease is good, the body is especially good also. This year, somebody fears SARS comes again, think method to should enhance immune power. Doctor friend suggests to say: Be inferior to beginning cold water bath from the autumn, can rise to exercise, the purpose that lays in health. The natural water Wen Zhengkuo of autumn adds up to cold water bath. Cold water bath is having apparent sanitarian effect, it can strengthen nerval excitement function, make the refreshment after washing bath, clear-eyed. Can enhance human body the counteractive ability to the disease, be called to be " of " hemal gymnastics; Conduce to the buildup of digestive function, have certain auxiliary therapy effect to the disease such as chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, constipation. But, cold water bath exercises the method that must adopt successive: The autumn, air temperature is reduced gradually, human body also suits gradually to chill and cold water, so that arrived deep autumn with winter, wash cold water bath to also do not feel too cold. The " successive " of cold water bath, the " that still should include to wash bath place by local to the systemic " , " with warm water by tall gradually low " and the " of the time that wash bath by short grow " gradually. Common cold water bath has the following 4 kinds: (1) woman's head-ornaments bath, wash a face with cold water shampoo namely. (2) crural bath, in Yushui of double sufficient dip, water Wen Ke from fall high gradually. (3) brush bath, brush a body with towel dip cold water namely, forcibly cannot too fierce, time shoulds not be too long, stop where it should stop. (4) shower, use lukewarm bath first, fall to wash bath with tap water gradually. Those who need an attention is: Have tuberculosis of severe high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, rheumatism, empty sex, sciatica and high fever patient bath of unfavorable cold water.

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