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Plant bath, protect skin new style
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When this age bound, people is used generally protect skin variously to taste will protect the skin, but worry protects skin to taste the effect with meeting adverse generation. Review the mankind's strong and handsome physiology trend, "Recursive nature " will be henceforth the inevitable choice with strong and handsome people.
Mulberry leaf bath: Through the Sang Xie of frost snow, sexual flavour hardships and difficulties and cold, have the function such as San Fengqing heat, bright eye. Bathe as bath water with it, protect skin not defatted, especially the skin is coarse person, after using, can make the skin becomes delicate. The method is very simple, dry Sang Xie 100 grams are controlled, put bowl inside, heat boil 10-15 after minute, enter tub air lukewarm can wash with.
Field mint bath: Field mint leaf has medicinal powder wind heat, stop urticant action, the person of the disease such as hyperaemia of conjunctiva of scratchy to heat of wind of diseases caused by external factors, skin, guttural gall, eye washs bath particularly effective. Should take bright mint only 50 grams put 200 grams or dry mint into boiler inside, the decoct that add water takes medical fluid, enter tub but. The summer is commonly used this bath law, can prevent the eczema, skin disease such as prickly heat.
Chrysanthemum bath: Chrysanthemum has San Fengqing to heat up, smooth liver bright purpose function. Use Xian Juhua 500-800 to overcome, add water to put bowl inside, decoct enters tub into juice, air is warm but bath is used. It can prevent and cure giddy, dazed wait for a symptom, still can make the skin delicate and white.
Chang root bath: Old people reachs color of skin in blacker person is applicable this bath law. Because Chang root has demulcent, step-down, fall blood sugar, eliminate the function of skin senile plaque, sweat stain, make joint agile, muscle is contractive, not easy and fatigue, want to be overcome with Chang root 50-100 only so, add water to extractive, enter tub, wait for lukewarm can use, the effect is first-rate.
Setose thiste careless bath: Setose thiste grass, have hemostatic, medicinal powder the function of Yu. its abluent put bowl inside, add water to suffer half hours or so, filter go broken bits, air is warm can wash bath. Cutaneous flexibility can add after washing. Especially a few puerperas, can add flower of some of garden burnet, pagoda tree, catharsis of in order to is anal, have hemostatic effect already, can prevent and cure again the disease such as haemorrhoid, anal fissure.

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