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Wash bath of a cool and refreshing fruit
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It is far insufficient that the person relies on cosmetic beautiful Yan Yangfu merely, appearing in health beautiful beautiful ability is true beauty. Faddish and abroad food bath because those who raise Yan Ji effect to become exotic beautiful woman is its distinctive health care function, strong and handsome bestow favor on newly. The provision that food bath place uses, vegetable, beverage, dressing is the market in daily life can be bought, can the good in quality and cheap in price content of have words, solid for healthy and beautiful new approach.

Tomato bath

American Florida city is the closest very bath of be current tomato. The tomato contains a lot ofthe nutrient material such as vitamin, phosphor, cellulose, consequently local dweller thinks the tomato has the effect of delicate, ruddy skin, they often immerse regularly tomato bath, its method is the tomato juice adds a few alcohol, boric acid water is entered after mix is even lukewarm in appropriate piscina can. The commendation of tomato bath immerses time is 25 minutes.

Grape honey bath

Grape honey bath holds a grape and honey concurrently the beautiful skin effect to human body, be in at present France is very popular. The method is to use grape seed oil expression, the high grade honey that produces with Boerduo and mix up of natural plant elite are together, go up with the face on Tu Zaishen, undertake the massage of two many hours by skin cosmetologist, treat a disease unhealthily, without ill hairdressing fitness. Bath of this kind of hairdressing can dredge sequence of thought, outspread blood-vessel and moist skin, prevent and eliminate fleck and Huang Heban to wait, and still can enhance cutaneous disease-resistant ability.

Cucumber bath

Cucumber bath is France the method of another kind of bath of a lot of place be current.
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