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8 weeks of fade drop orange skin
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According to skin expert statistic, tangerine skin organization has a woman only ability chairman, and there is tangerine skin organization more or less on the female body of 95% . Organization of occurrence tangerine skin and age, fat thin have nothing to do, calculate you to resemble Victoria · Bei Kehan Mu so fine is thin, it is Sara wave child in that way professional, extremely possible also long skin giving tangerine is organized. The main inducement that tangerine skin organizes is genetic element, in addition, return and endocrinopathy, hemal disease, overweight or tend overweight, carry momentum is little, incorrect food, insalubrious lifestyle, pressure is aggravation of big, environment, direct without the doctor do sth without authorization takes hormone kind prophylactic is concerned.

Near future of medical hairdressing kingdom considers to discover, tangerine skin organization is not adipose problem completely, skin however the report of cellular problem. The way that treats tangerine skin organization at present is " have a headache cure head, foot of crural painful medical service " , pure use department of play a game of chess of needle of close skin frost, curative effect is brief. Actually, fade drops the idea with orange best skin is " feed " the food with skin rich nutrition and protect skin to taste, the surface of bumpy of fill and level up; In the meantime, the nutriment in food still can reduce cellular inflammation, stimulative blood circulates, eduction is redundant humoral, prevent adipose cell move about to be formed to skin surface layer " orange skin " .

Will try together, from 3 respects proceed with, establish the environment inside benign body and skin mechanism, 8 repel by Zhouneiche " orange skin " --

Fade drops the immanent nutrition of tangerine skin

Be on a diet the amount that cannot reduce adipose group truly, want to have pair of things however, eat namely beneficial to skin health, enhance the food of skin resistance. These food are hands-down, already cheap safe, need to added them in a day of 3 eat to go as far as possible only.
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