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Instruct you one court: Clean the small ear of darling

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With auricle very easy lane is gotten after the ear of darling dirty, because they often spit grandma, perspiration, stick around ear next, form place even sometimes, accordingly, need mom often is cleaned. But the head of darling always keeps be being moved in disorder, let mom do not know how to start really, how is ability washed clean to darling?

1. Preexistence in box of a young black, give infantile black rub bubble comes.

2. Mix after the ear that washs darling first auricle place. Let little baby lie on big bed, mom genuflect sits in baby head aside, or let darling lie in infantile bed, mom sits in infantile bed at the same time.

3. Next, mom puts a palm gently on a side cheek of darling, make the face of darling faces towards at the same time.

4. The hand of another hand points to mom dip in take fluid of a bit black, like be being massaged with finger resembling, ear hind mixes gently knead auricle place, knead bilge adequately.

5. The pigheaded dry gauze that reoccupy already prepared is wiped, till wipe up till.

6. Auditive entry point uses the sliver that disinfects cotton make it to be wiped gently.

The expert reminds: Often see cerumen inside the ear of darling, but do not need special clear, because they are met as suck the breast, the mobile nature such as conversation comes out. (Luo Yuju)

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