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Wash the note of hot spring

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1, do not want after exceeding overworked instantly bubble hot spring, bubble bath has again after resting appropriately;

2, avoid hollow with hot spring of the bubble on meal wheeler, cause anaemia and indigestion in case, after answering to rest appropriately again bubble bath;

3, bath of forbidden and drunken bubble, bath of the bubble after drinking causes an accident the most easily;

4, bubble bath time immerses for commonly 5-10 minute, repeatedly bubble bath frequency should be decided according to body state, but bath of unfavorable and frequent bubble, if bubble bath frequency is overmuch, will bring about physical strength to had been used up big, cause exhaustion instead, things go contrary to one's wishes;

5, when bubble bath, want much water boiled water, milk and other drink, with compensatory moisture;

6, hot spring advocates naked bubble bath (between the bag inside) , effect of naked bubble bath is optimal;

7, bath of the bubble between the bag is indispensible two people above, forbidden sheet person includes a bubble bath.

8, not blowy catch a cold notices after going out of the bath.

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