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Bright eye blackart skill of SPA of eye of 3 big easy

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Material of embellish eye SPA: Eye ministry is alimentary condensation

Basic measure:

1, middle finger is touched take right amount condensation, pass through the quality of a material of product smooth, what agree by the direction outside introversion in next eyelid is slip make an appointment with 3-5 second, arrive when eye end mention up a bit and halt 1 second, in order to avoid canthus prolapse.

2, go up eye socket part, touch likewise take right amount condensation at forefinger light flowing daub, reoccupy thumb presses point kind with pressing by press outside introversion pressure, keep 3 ~ every time 5 seconds, the purpose is provoking drop of eye ministry acupuncture point, help blood circulates, improve worry of black rim of the eye.

3, use forefinger, middle finger, ring finger next 3 point to after showing the abdomen is amalgamative, stick at eye ministry to make an appointment with 5 seconds through pointing to a Yu Wenfu, help blood circulates, achieve eliminate feeling of intraocular pressure ache to perplex, thoroughly slow eye ministry is fatigue, eliminate a Zhou Chen to accumulate toxin.

Embellish eye SPA(basically is done use at moist eye ministry, compensatory moisture reachs nutrient)
Material: Eye ministry is alimentary condensation + makes up cotton + recuperation makes up water

Basic measure:

1, middle finger is touched take right amount condensation, the slip divide evenly that agrees by the direction outside introversion in next eyelid leaves to week of full key point.

2, use the recuperation that does not have essence without alcohol to make up water bedew makes up cotton sticks apply to go up at two rest about 10 minutes, make eye ministry skin absorbs nutrient adequately, and thereby chains water is divided, moist and long-term dry eye ministry. (Shu Yan SPA and embellish eye SPA can be used at the same time increase remedial effect) .

Wake eye SPA(basically is done use at ministry of come to eye, use water to overspread massage eye ministry)
Material: Water of alimentary condensation + overspreads eye ministry

Basic measure:

1, touch take department of right amount eye alimentary condensation is wiped gently at fluctuation eye socket.

2, take one small wet make up cotton is enclothed go up at two, about 10 minutes.

3, wear water to overspread, the slight wave motion that uses water fish trap strengthens eye ministry to massage the effect, those who increase skin is moist degree (water is overspread also but alone as alimentary as eye ministry condensation uses) .

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