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Home of world top class illicit swim pool- - hubble-bubble palace (group plan)

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Be like the building exterior like phreatic water lens, wavy ceiling, vaulted footpath, big bed of the circle, bulbiform lamp acts the role of 傢 all, if natural lighting infiltrates like cylinder indoor, the outdoor theater that the swimming-pool mixes to be able to hold 500 people also is appear with X3.14 of radius X radius. This gives priority to a problem with the circle, with " hubble-bubble palace " the building that is a name, this is how one is carried by building stylist fall made of baked clay (the Antti Lovag) building at the notional sex 1975 finished product, install card of stylist skin Er to ascend to take now (the private villa that Pierre Cardin) is located in by the side of bay of French bank city.

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