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Uncover secret head home " maritime float swim pool " good place
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Build swim pool, let its float be in maritime: Seawater goes up, it also goes up; Seawater falls, it also falls... asing if is a fairy tale, animated however now come to us below eyelid. Last week 6, the reporter becomes the first batch to visit this special swim the guest of the pool, in the maritime swim pool that can use in this, made fun of a true flowing water.

Can floating swimming-pool shake?

Who is knowing most invented swim pool of this kind of float first, guess he is a lazy swimmer that has deep love for seawater surely. This maritime swimming-pool suits those to be able to be in only at ordinary times most gym standard swim Chi Li swims, but another heart is yearning the person of the sea -- , here, can obtain already in the standard swim the intimacy that Chi Li swims, can blow sea wind again, listen to ocean wave, tap water of bleaching powder olfactory was done not have, those who surround you is salty acerbity, true seawater.
Change good swimsuit, maritime swimming-pool has to grow long passage to connect shoreward edge, one foot walks, a bit small shake. Allegedly this swim pool cost exceeds 15 million, expensive expensive build in these swim the special talent of the pool is qualitative on -- , want to let swim Chi Fu rises, rely on nature of stone of common cement brick to be no good, compose is built whole swim of the pool " brick " the patent buoy that is a kind of entrance, can wave afloat these buoy every square metre can bearing 300 kilograms. They " together piece " go all out rise, as if to bleach afloat blue building blocks together.
Wait to set foot on this building blocks truly, previous ramshackle feels clear off, if it were not for bends over is boundless sea outside crawl edge, you think definitely, this is fixed swim pool, station above, as if the station is on flat.

Does shrimp where of Chi Li come?

Maritime swimming-pool is installed according to standard dimensions, 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, depth of water 1.5 meters, enough each adult swims easily. In its a side, still have deep 0.9 meters children paddle pool, convenient child paddle. Additional, join of two pools is a maritime and recreational platform, there are deck chair and sunshade on platform -- , of course, swim of the pool bearing finite, 1000 people are above to-and-fro nevertheless do not have a problem completely.
The tide since briny tide falls, but swim in this pond, however a bit is beardless and anxious, 1.5, 1.7 meters depth of water is constant and changeless, wavelet of small wind of even if out, also be microwave is not promoted inside. Disrelish 1.7 meters too shallow? Completely much Lv. The sea has how old flotage, this pool water has how old buoyancy, natant novice comes here the most appropriate nevertheless, lightly, the person is light flirtatious in surface, want careful sole nevertheless, this special talent qualitative build by laying bricks or stones becomes swim on Chi Bi particularly slippery, if stroll in water, careful Chao Tianyi Jiao, eat the seawater of a Xian Xian.
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