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Magical nowhere is not in mineral spring recuperate
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"Go 5 Dalian pool, did not forget to me take along sth to sb nods sludge to come back. " before before leaving, hear the reporter wants to come 5 Dalian pool steps visit, very serious ground tells the friend. The magical curative effect of mineral water of 5 Dalian pool, do not depend on beautiful fokelore, and the officinal value that depends on its science. Place of young lady of tourist guide of no less than introduces: "Step into this magical geological park when you, casual in, had accepted the volcanic and geomagnetic environment with 5 Dalian peculiar pool to be opposite of your body and mind adjust; Sample, water of ion of magnetization, mineralization, had produced fair treatment and sanitarian effect inside your body. So, 5 Dalian pool is known as again ' the gas station of life ' , ' the overhaul factory of the body ' . 5 Dalian pool is known as again ' the gas station of life ' , ' the overhaul factory of the body ' ..

   Today, your bubble spring child?

This one word, became the complimentary language that people sees in scene area already. Be worth midsummer, on the road that goes in beauty spot straightforward, classics regular meeting sees the boy of many shaven girls and bald. Careful observation, so these are to treat the young men and women with bald spot, mix via immersing allegedly after mud therapeutics, 3 two months can grow to be sent odd. As a result of here some spring not only can drinkable, still can wash bath cure, have " be in together one pool, each other is not infected " say, so, the recuperate activity of 5 Dalian pool will enter peak period every year June, end till deep Qiu Cai, winter also has partial recuperate personnel to have recuperate activity in 5 Dalian pool, be in the majority with Russia tourist especially, it is to want to treat a disease through washing bath to achieve gymnastical purpose.

Come for years, the recuperate of the member that pass broad recuperate carries out the clinical experiment with medical worker, summary gave method of scientific mineral spring recuperate. According to expert introduction, the remedial application of mineral water can divide the spring that it is drink, clyster, gastric lavage, contain bath of gargle, inspiratory, water (include bath of dip of ministry of standoff of the whole body, half body) etc. Reach water bath with drink spring at present the most commonly used, take second place of mineral water clyster. It is to Na Yinquan many meters of 100 place, one grows about 30 meters, about 15 meters wide wash a spring. Every arrive the sunshine burning sun of recuperate period, recuperate member people undertake to here mineral spring washs bath almost. Local weighs this kind of therapeutics " wash mineral spring " , also cry " bubble spring child " . "Drink water to be able to treat a disease, wash a spring disease disappear, lava surpasses a heated kang " , it is 5 Dalian pool " 4 strange " in 3 kinds of when indicate strange phenomena. According to expert introduction, mineral spring recuperate has each emphasize particularly on. Na Yinquan treats neurological disease more, boreal drink spring treats digestion disease, and magic flower spring treats skin disease. 2 longan spring treats hyperaemia of eruptive pinkeye, eyeball to wait for disease. Their division of labor is clear, each use up its can.
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