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Special SPA surmounts you envisage
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The life work rhythm of modern society insecurity, let people need to loosen the body in leisure time, in addition people is right of appearance maintain also take seriously more and more, hold <> concurrently maintain get accordingly with the SPA of hairdressing function of numerous and fashionable personage look at in person.
SPA sort is various, massage from common bath, to what use all sorts of mineral water and balmy essence oil sweet fume massage, and at present of fashionable gnaw often die scurfy " close parent fish " bath.
However, alive bound each district still has other more special SPA treatment, have the beer SPA of intoxicate, sensational anguine cure SPA, useful still even oil should bathe the crude oil SPA of water.
Chill: Snowflake SPA
Those who be located in the Las Vegas that bet a city " triumphant scatter palace " the hotel opened a kind of brand-new SPA shop: Snowflake SPA house. The characteristic of snowflake SPA house depended on interior installing to be called " arctic icehouse " room, the snowflake inside the room is slow wave from the ceiling, indoor temperature is maintained control in 13 Celsius.
The operator of house of this snowflake SPA says, this kind of procedure that makes the body rapid cool has profit to health, ancient Roman likes to immersing enjoy after the hot bath " icy feeling " .
"Arctic icehouse " architect the Tang Dynasty Hengdeersi says • , "Arctic icehouse " it is shop of complete United States' current and exclusive SPA of a snowflake, before getting thousands of years European Xue Qingjie body uses when bathing inspire, "Arctic icehouse " inside prepared snow, think for those the client that cleanses the body with snow is used.
Snowflake SPA house can let a client enjoy common sauna above all, the client is inside the frame house of 90 much Celsius evaporate sauna, let the body perspire. When the client feels overheat, they can come " arctic icehouse " , experience icehouse of 13 Celsius " cool " atmosphere, the snowflake that uses icehouse at the same time cleanses the body, the sweat on eliminate body lets the body drop in temperature, so that return sauna of frame house evaporate again.
The snow inside icehouse is not real snow, however of prefabricate, by the water of 98 % and the composition of harmless and chemical composition of 2 % . The commonly used man-made snowflake in this kind of mixture and film is identical, not be particularly cold.
Relative to character, house of Spa of ice and snow maintains icehouse temperature relatively lower, for example house of SPA of an ice and snow will put Swiss case Shi Dade on the ice room temperature control is in 0 times 12 Celsius, germany Situjiate house of SPA of an ice and snow controls temperature in 0 17 Celsius.
Operator alleges microtherm is beneficial to the immune ability of human body and circulatory system. Controller of snowflake SPA house • Lin En says Zhennifu: "The fall that is this kind of temperature can provide the result that yields the body to loosen. "The fall that is this kind of temperature can provide the result that yields the body to loosen..
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