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Black mud washs the method of bath and measure
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Black mud washs the method of bath and measure
One, the method that black mud washs bath has 3 kinds, wash law of bath, local mud therapy, other mud therapy to wait all over namely.
1, wash bath law all over: Washing bath all over is bosom of Chi Zhongda of guest immerge black mud, appear the head, advanced forehead and heart area place cold wet cloth, ℃ of 34-43 of slimy bath temperature. Cent sunlight heats and heat artificially two kinds of methods. Different form adds lukewarm black mud, on the bed the shop becomes slimy cake, thick 4-8cm, make guest naked, lie on mud, amount to bosom height with slimy daub whole body next, next sheet of cloth of ordinal wrap up, adhesive plaster, quilt or blanket. Or guest enters black mud pool (or) of mud therapy bed, will black mud besmears equably cloth whole body (or proper place) , ply 0.5-5mm, maintain 15-20 minute, oily skin and fat person but does comfortable caution mirror な to go straight towards detain of clear locust a silk and coton fabric to flatter Su blame magpie? The apply after 8-42 ℃ at the whole body, criterion the effect is much better.
After washing bath to end all over, wash with Wen Shui clean, lie in bed rests 30-60 minute.
2, law of local mud therapy: Can divide include method of mud of law, local apply for law of local mud therapy, local Yan 3 kinds.
Law of local mud therapy puts black mashed vegetable or fruit in tub or treatment has in porcelain basin, use at limb small joint;
Local Yan Bao Faxian is heating black mud outfit in hop-pocket, stick slimy bag at pathological changes ministry to secure next. This law can reduce slimy chemistry;
The slimy cake of the thick 3-10cm of black mud consummate that law of local mud apply will heat, stick apply to have package at having a department. Remedial mud temperature is 44-48 ℃ commonly, cool mud temperature can use 32-34 ℃ . Treat end hind to be wrapped with Wen Shui.
2, the pace that black mud washs bath gets together
1, the dress that has changed to suit slimy bath.
2, undertake washing bath normally with Wen Shui, make systemic pore is stretched adequately.
3, enter black mud ground, besmear mud equably cloth whole body, ply 0.5 - 5mm, maintain 15 - 20 minutes, oily skin and fat person can extend time appropriately; Heat black mud 38 - the apply after 42 ℃ at the whole body, criterion the effect is much better.
4, Wen Shuiqing can be used with skin of clear water clean after waiting for mud to work wash can. After slimy bath, according to cosmetic of nutrition of daub of different cutaneous property, this is cannot default link.
3, the note that black mud washs bath
1, should rest before slimy bath sufficient, do not hollow or Bacchic junior travel;
2, necessary check-up should undertake before entering bath, if measure temperature, pulse, blood pressure, weight to wait, the guest of intentional dirty medical history should consider a heart to check;
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