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Japanese is sitting small stool bathes -- reduce physical strength to use up pre

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Bathing is Japanese the indispensable one part in daily life. Everyday in the morning, adult child can develop a shower, next ground of feel well of gas of divine Qing Dynasty goes going to work, go to school. Arrived in the evening, even bubble hot bath. What what differ is, the metropolis in their bathroom puts a small stool, because they are sitting normally,bathe.

The bathroom of Japanese family mostly very compact, add installation market is platoon wind, dull after with heating the condole at a suit supports, the building is a few lower, this also is an account that they take on small stool to bathe.

Sitting to bathe, still can let a person feel very relaxed, especially old person and child, unapt grow too because of bubble bath time and lightheaded, stand flabby, produce risk even. Japanese returns a habit to sitting small stool, wash a few small dress, make full use of has used bathing water.

Additional, sit on small stool to bathe, can make the water, bubble that washs hair fluid and bath fluid won't spurt splashs ceiling to go up, or on the wall all around, such clearing away rise easier, save labour, so that keep clean.

In addition, japanese likes family to enter bath together, have the family of child especially. Adult is sitting small stool, can play with child play at the same time, bathe comfortably to the child leisurely at the same time, share family happiness.

The small stool style in Japanese bathroom is very much, resemble the plastic children toy of multicoloured. Nevertheless, although these small stool are cabinet, quite strong however, sit up very reliable, still can prevent slippery. The area that adds bathroom also is to prevent slippery material to pledge, accordingly, sitting to bathe still is very safe.

Bathe to sitting, dragon of white jade of doctor of vice director of division of medicine of rehabilitation of hospital of accessary Mount Hua also offerred Fudan University affirmation. He says, stand when bathing, because systemic gravity is pressed on two legs, physical strength is used up bigger, body easy exhaustion. And sitting to bathe, bench assumed major body gravity, leg ministry bear decreases, accordingly physical strength is used up less, the body can feel more relaxed, the mood also is met more comfortable and cheerful. For the person that loses to a few aged body especially, sit on bench to bathe, body centre of gravity is firmer, not easy tumble.

Shen Jin of director of internal medicine of Beijing hospital heart also says, the station is worn bathing time became long, easy and dazed, bosom covers tightly or breathe not free, cause symptom of not intellectual low blood pressure even. If bathe person itself suffers from coronary heart disease, angina to wait, this kind of situation causes semiotic show effect possibly. To the person that a few have disease of chronic respiratory tract, can bring about breathing difficulty to wait even. And sitting to bathe, very more than when the station is worn, wanting to loosen, blood also is met circularly relatively smooth, can alleviate greatly afore-mentioned complication.

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