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Solar bath

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Sunbathe early is understanding of place of home of our country traditional preserve one's health, if advance person Ji Kang is in " preserve one's health is talked " in Ceng Di goes out " sob in order to face south " , " classics of yellow front courtyard " have " of life China save old remnant " say, sai Miao of Tang Ren grandson has " breathing sun " theory, song Dai " Yun Ji 7 autographs " have " law of the spirit that pick day " ... sunlight is the same as the earth to get on all having the corporeal relationship of life is very close, grow to also having very main effect to the development of human body, person " sun doctor " . Because the ultraviolet ray in ① sunlight can make skin occurrence pigment ad cool-headed,this is (darkly is Brown) , secrete in order to stimulate sweat gland, make skin cutin layer is added thick, beneficial to preventing skin sore furuncle to wait; ② ultraviolet ray can promote calcic phosphor metabolization, very advantageous to the skeletal development of children, also conduce to the happening of the osteoporosis of precaution or slow down old people and development; The infrared ray in ③ sunlight can make skin temperature elevatory, the skin of stimulative blood circulation and whole body is metabolic, keep abreast of and increase the flexibility of temperature adjustment centre, increase the hear resistance of human body, to the coronary heart disease of old people of prevention and cure, tracheitis has effect.
Sunbathe is OK accept solar illuminate naturally in activity of daily life, job, sports, also can undertake technically. If be in and other places of court of seaside, mountain forest, swimming-pool, sanatorium, bedroom, the condition is inspected below sunshine and the part is bare the body or completely naked before undertaking sunbathe formally, be in namely before basking directly, the sunlight that best preexistence shade uses catoptric sunlight and dispersion undertakes a few skies enrage bath (indirect illuminate) , make the skin and human body have transfer get used to level. After, before every morrow light makes rich, also had better do the 5 air bath that arrive 10 minutes first, lest be stimulated suddenly, appear severe reaction, especially weak or body is seldom basking person more should such. Traditional sunbathe divides vertical, sit type and horizontal. Vertical and sit type is early morning faces the sun, binocular and ajar, show a gleam of only; Again smooth breath, admire a will smooth heat inspiratory, be like in swallowing sunlight the abdomen. This actually already the method that mix into submitted qigong. Horizontal can lie by Fu every time, left lie, lie on one's back, on the right side of lying order undertakes, time had better be in in the morning 8 ~ 10 when or afternoon 2 ~ 4 when. Yi Ke undertakes local sunbathe, for example, arthritic patient basks in sick joint only, the person that has enteritis basks in abdomen to wait a moment only. Some enteritis patients disable through a lot of cure, bask in abdomen only later, cured. What put forward incidentally is, as a result of the reason of many sided, the place that human body contacts with fresh air and sunshine the least is perineal ministry. No matter how notice clean man and wife, the insalubrious pharynx element such as the moisture of perineal ministry, dark, odour is existence; Beyond the mark cover and tie meet the mankind pudenda, although be the need with ethical indispensable morality, but what this differs to give birth to reason at wanting to refuse is dry (blame pathology sex is dry) mix little happening bad taste. Accordingly, inside the bedroom that does not hurt elegance (accept solar and beamed place in order to have) and even and other places of the mountain forest of unmanned peek, mountain stream is timely expose a perineal ministry, bask, should be opposite health of body and mind is good.

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