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Slimy bath

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Slimy bath law is to point to the mud that will contain mineral, organic matter, microelement and certain radioactivity material kind, the course is added lukewarm hind, apply at the body, or immerse in slop in order to achieve the hygiene of preserve one's health of gymnastical dispel disease.

Slimy bath belongs to a kind of tepid therapeutics, because its have certain and special reason to change character, reason has its distinct effect in tepid method.

The cover or daub with plaster that has sanitarian value kind mud of mud of breed of silty, corrupt, slime, clay, mineral spring mud, volcanic mud waits. The most commonly used is silty with mineral spring mud. Multi-purpose mineral water is direct agitate heats. Hillock of soup of Chinese saddle hill and Liaoning pointed city begin slimy balneotherapy all the time for years.

Because the colloid material, organic material, material such as microelement is contained a lot ofin cure, have good adhesive tape sex and plasticity, its thermal conductivity is low, medicinal powder heat up time of slow, heat preservation to grow wait for a characteristic, below the spurs in tepid, chemical, machinery integrated action when slimy bath, the blood that can promote human body circulates, enhance metabolic function, adjust neurological stimulant and control a process, have good diminish inflammation, detumescence, composed, acetanilide and improve the function such as immune function.

Slimy bath includes dip bath and slimy package two kinds of methods. Dip bath is divided again for bath of the whole body, half body, local dip, try to use according to need. Begin from 37 ℃ commonly, achieve remedial place to require temperature gradually, time 10, 20 minutes, daily 1 or tertian 1, period of treatment seizes an illness and decide, the water after dip bath is rinsed clean. Make a bit after resting, leave. Slimy wrap up is multi-purpose at local cure, take mashed vegetable or fruit of 4-6cm large cushion, calico wrap up, park affected part, mud is lukewarm 46, 52 ℃ , time 15, 20 minutes, daily 1, it is one cycle 15 times.

Slimy bath applies to leg of all sorts of arthralgia, waist the disease such as painful, traumatic sequela. All sorts of skin infection, open sex changes an injury to reach suffer from serious implement qualitative sex pathological change person, woman period, pregnant is produced period all should not be have slimy bath.

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