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Cold water bath

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Cold water can stimulate the person's skin, cause neurological excitement, skin vasomotor, make blood is flowed to quickly splanchnic; After be in for some time, the skin is hemal progressively dilate, splanchnic blood farewell sheds body to express. Cold water bath is like next powerful body action:

1. makes hemal flexibility increases, be helpful for preventing disease of heart head blood-vessel.

2. increases airframe cold-resistant capacity.

The person when 3. cold water is exciting will be not own the ground is deep inspiratory, make breathe time-out a few seconds then, turn again for deep expiratory. Such but inspiratory more oxygen, expiration more carbon dioxide, have certain effect to disease of respiratory system of prevention and cure.

4. can make alvine peristalsis increases after cold water is exciting, be helpful for alimental digesting absorb the unobstructed that reachs defecate, have certain remedial effect to indigestion and constipation.

Bath of 5. cold water still can maintain skin cleanness, proper current is exciting, can have certain massage effect to the skin, muscle.

Anyhow, cold water bath can promote the metabolism of airframe, enhance the cold-resistant ability of airframe and disease-resistant ability, hemal to head of heart of prevention and cure disease, respiratory system disease, digestion disease has certain profit. Hold to the person of cold water bath for a long time, the winter in severe cold not only

Not easy sicken, still can carry taller work efficiency.

The method that has cold water bath has brush a body, rinse, shower, bathe, swim, winter swimming. Cold water bath should begin from the summer, water is warm reduce gradually, annual holds to. Just shoulded not be too long in the begining, general 2, 3 minutes can, lengthen again later to 10, 15 minutes, had better not exceed 15 minutes, but according to the individual be able to bear or endure proper motion sufferring a gender masters. Time of cold water bath had better be in in the morning, also but at noon or afternoon; Unfavorable cold water bath has before sleep.

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