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European health washs balneotherapy
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Of Europe wash balneotherapy to having long history and culture source, and already evolution gave a variety of specific meanses that wash bath. They use the difference of the different, water quality with warm water to treat various difficulty miscellaneous disease.
Wash balneotherapy history long
Advocate the birthplace that washs the custom of bath to come from western civilization -- , Gu Xila, follow of culture of ancient later Rome Gu Xila's civilized system. On the old city of remaining of nowadays Gu Xila, ancient Rome, the luxurious hall that everywhere washs bath for nobles in visible city offers the relics of the common common bathing pool that civilian uses outside Chi Hecheng.
Introducing those who wash balneotherapy the earliest is the bottom of rare wave carat of the father that is known as western medicine. He is in " keep fit of · of collected works of bottom of rare wave carat is talked " in, mix the cent that wash bath for cold water bath, brine bath hot water bath, explained these methods are right the different motive of human body. In western medicine, belong to Aweisenna to washing what balneotherapy discusses the most in the round to become, he is in its are famous " cure is in charge of "
Have namely in one book " balneotherapy " only piece. After renaissance, bath cure more be current. Be in Germany, all have everywhere with " Bad " " (spring bath) named place name. Come more than 300 years, the rehabilitation hospital that builds around spring and recuperate resort do not issue a few. Most famous is to be located in Germany mid " Baden, Baden " , it ever was Russian czar often the place of patronage.
Water is warm distinct curative effect is distinct the principle according to western medicine, the cent that wash bath is different sort; The washs bath to rise motive with different warm water is different also.
Resemble microtherm bath, can stimulate adrenal activity, secrete a large number of hormone to resist cold. Exciting method has: "Attrition doing cloth " , " cold water chafes " , " cold water bath " , " air conditioning bath " etc.
High temperature bath can quicken sympathetic activity, make the person feels spirit is centuple immediately, and metabolizable energy force can promote inside shorter time. And Wen Shuiyu can promote blood to circulate, loosen muscle, make a person quiet to come down thereby. Researcher discovers recently, proper Wen Shuiyu, can cause the biochemical change that makes the person sleeps more spicily, and peptic, promote humoral loop.
Pursuit curative effect should be added a variety of mineral
Wash the natural effect of bath for sufficient play, european still like to be joined in spring mineral, achieve better curative effect thereby. Mineral spring but natural form, also but prefabricate. In water of deliquescent Yu Quan mineral can make a tissue flabby, conduce to remedial varicosity and phlebitis.
For example, the spring water that contains vitriol conduces to cure vomiting of disease of habitual abortion of haemoptysis, unidentified reason, much sweat, unidentified reason; Coppery spring conduces to organization of agnail of disease of remedial oral cavity, tonsil, vision waiting flabbily; Ferreous spring is beneficial to be good at lienal, be good at stomach; Salt spring water conduces to remedial cold diseases caused by dampness, arthralgia, asthmatic, nephrosis, roseola and ulcer, be opposite especially fracture curative effect is distinct; The spring water that contains sulfur can be mixed flabbily excited nerve, alleviate aching, exhaustion and convulsions, can clean knot, stubborn sex of malign ulcer and violet spot achieve a face, cure is white
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