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The development history of the swimsuit

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The swimsuit is to wash bath and the special clothing that swim and design, its are close-fitting the gender makes it and underwear are having close connection. It is the swimsuit makes underwear entered public field however, the body characteristics that because the phylogeny of this swimsuit was mirrorred,concerns with moral sense concerns. As a kind of dress, the swimsuit becomes simpler and simpler, exposed body place is increasing. Contemporary swimsuit has certain society characteristic and practical characteristic: They very close-fitting and bring down the obstruction of water. From aesthetic angle for, contemporary swimsuit highlighted the body that behaved health. The conflict between the moral regulation that produces ceaselessly in swimsuit phylogeny and sexual consciousness and social change are concerned.

First phase

From the point of historical angle, wash bath and natant early is common phenomenon, and people considers rarely at that time should wear appropriate dress. In 18 centuries, the bare body when the man is swimming, but they are in when going up, the bank is wearing the dress however (jacket or vest add trousers or knickers) . Just arrived the middle period of 19 centuries, male people just is forced to wearing the dress to swim. Inchoate bathing trunks looks seeming is the knickers that uses thick serge make it, this explained why to man meeting is condemned to morality and object this kind of bathing trunks strongly. This kind of bathing trunks does not have elastic between the waist, accordingly classics regular meeting glides, meet in underwater even on calcaneal of fall back on! (Can be imagined, the bathing trunks that this kind of people must wear does not get person reception. ) as long as likely, male people or can bare body swim.

5 kinds of different man swimsuits are in 19 centuries are terminal appear: These swimsuits are knickers of short canister pants, swimsuit, motion, normal bathing trunks and tight bathing trunks respectively. In 20 centuries, the fall that man swimsuit reflected moral pressure and society show lenient attitude of the elephant to exposing the body. In 20 centuries inchoate, object with respect to somebody and mock man swimsuit to must have the way of arm, trouser legs, tight pants and jacket, but arrived 20 centuries 30 time, the society just accepts the phenomenon that wears bathing trunks to swim only.

Women's the different point of swimsuit and man swimsuit depends on, former the gender pays close attention to since cite especially and argue with its all the time. From which the people since the century prevents a woman to swim to bathe even with a series of reason. Just arrived 17 centuries, a few way washing bath that concern with medical treatment (dipping and mineral spring bath) the bathing chance that just increased a woman. And a variety of limitation make this kind washs bath to do not have a woman how to much bring happy. Women must be put on long the thick shirt that reachs an ankle is adscititious a cap keeps creditable with concealing bodily form. They a surface, attendant people can put on aba to them, make the person loses sight of their damp body.

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