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The knight loves a song -- mediaeval noble washs bath culture

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Palace troubadour Yakaobu. Feng. Gentleman of heart Er watt lets him be cozily in warm piscina. Palace amah is waiting upon hand and foot exalted knight. The knight hangs armor and shield on nail temporarily. Lovely amah corollaceous give Xiang Ya to take an examination of cloth, the ancient German written language that there is Natehaci in the mouth:
"I put you in the heart.
I am you, you are me.
We should live happily here.
I am willing this corollaceous give you. I am willing this corollaceous give you..

Mr Yakaobu Feng Dewaerte is chosen from Germany Nai of horse of mediaeval love song fills in hand-written copy, make an appointment with 1310

The female at cask (because of her social class be drawn smallier than palace daughter) so that let use additive hot water not to cool,blowing fire with blower. As a kind of special honorary Yakaobu chivalric soup is in the tub below the tree, go up personally besprent rose valve. A Shi Tangzheng of the elegant right hand that take an examination of cloth is touching cut for the knight and go up medicine.

In cask bath gets of exalted knights love. According to legend, ze Saiai thinks of palace poet one week to want to wash bath twice in cask, "Besides beautiful wife, beyond superior bishop and rich breakfast, it still can let your moneybag become lighter and lighter. It still can let your moneybag become lighter and lighter..

Since bath makes poetic moneybag rapid shrivelled go down, it is thus clear that he once was the chief objective of the bathroom.

In berth Er root, wash bath to also be used to the visitor that welcomes arrival. After wrestling match people is willing to carouse in warm water, resemble Feng. Moxa star Bach ever also was in 1207, the Bazhiwaer in him (116, 5 poems) the guest bath that described generation period.

"His shut-eye awakes in the morning
Before his bed ready already tub,
This is the custom in his home,
Somebody asperses next roses to him from upper part,
Even if nobody wake him up,
The guest awoke automatically also.
This young and beautiful boy
Sit into bath bucket,
The girls of fawn on of bright Li Wu visited there,
Who lets them come I do not know,
Asperse in gorgeous canopy those who fall is crepuscular in,
They are stridden gravely indoor,
Wash bath for the guest,
With their clean and soft little hand,
Touch the guest's cut gently,
They flatter he,
Let him forget to tell his joke.
He is enjoyed patiently this kind is satisfied,
They are his fetch bath towel,
He pretends to did not notice however,
Otherwise he will be bashful before girls,
He does not want to had received bath towel before them,
Although girls are willing to stay over very much,

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