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Little-known Home Yi " bath section "

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Festival of annual the Beginning of Summer arrived, went to what cover crosses family of west hill Yi again " bath section " . Cover crosses family of west hill Yi " bath section " because of as same as section of the Beginning of Summer day, cry again " the Beginning of Summer is met " . This day, the Yi family that cover crosses the west hill wears a festival full-dress, bring along with the young and the old, carrying food, a reed pipe wind instrument xiao and container flourishing water, walk out of big hill, the assemble goes to what 5 kilometers control to cross county southwest from cover hot spring of tall Qin of too beautiful country, kill chicken to slaughter a sheep, bai Zuxian of hold a memorial ceremony for and " fontal look " , go to those who be located in here " firedrake temple " pay homage to, next bath, singing and dancing is orgiastic. The festive lantern team of around village also is taken the advantage of promote come collect is lively, in Gao Qin hot spring formed the Le Jing of Yi Chinese wayzgoose.
Cover crosses the bath red-letter day of family of west hill Yi, come from when already textual research of have no way. But come for years, this festival is mixed besides brethren of west hill the Yi nationality the villager around, very few somebody is witting.
Cover crosses the Yi family of the west hill to think, warm spring water of Gao Qin is " divine spring " , can dispel evil treats a disease, make forever Yi family is restful and clean. Before been not develop to use in tall Qin hot spring allegedly, some Home Yi fellow are built with club dripping below on the channel of hot spring water, smooth back above fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs, in order to treat the ache that the waist carries on the back. Some uses the natural remedy such as sweet camphor leaf, water of Taoist sacrificial ceremony is kneaded brush, next abluent, with dehumidify of dispel the wind. The Home Yi woman with some younger some, still wash a face with the egg with respect to move warm spring water, in order to make the skin delicate and smooth.
Time passes and the situation has changed, warm now spring water gets developing using, dripping in the past the open drain of hot spring water not answer existed, build here had swimming-pool and bathroom, the bath kind of Yi family also was changed, can wash more thoroughly more thoroughly delighted. But change anyway, yi family is right " divine spring " still do not have a change that piously. They are in hot spring water bubble became enough, abluent, with respect to group the knot gathers together rightly to play a song to the top of one's bent together orgiastic, thirsty drink water of on a few hot spring to mouth giving water, hungry sit with respect to on the ground, the food that lay out brings tastes, next again orgiastic singing and dancing, bath. Play enough, wash enough, face take with the container such as brought calabash even some " divine spring " the back comes home for rising, encounter ailment, eat a bit, wash, they think ailment with respect to disappear.

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