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Toilet: Arrive from earthy hole toilet bowl

Almost whole 19 centuries, the toilet still resembles 17 centuries euqally primitive, or it is outdoors is built simply on an earth hole, or the bed pan that is park bedroom or indoor and other corner. But we can prove to be early at the beginning of 19 centuries really, the United States ever had used toilet of toilet bowl type. There has been such account in the file of the White House: Jefferson ever had been ordered 1801, but just had installed till 1804. In 18 centuries the Philadelphia of 90 time end, new York and other area had been used possibly also. Toilet of the United States' earliest toilet bowl type, the likelihood also is the closestool type toilet with that exclusive period, outfit in Maryland state governor 60 time metaphase is 18 centuries in the house that oneself build. Our make no doubt of, this toilet is to included to be in the original design of the building apparently. England begins to use similar toilet bowl to get restrospect to 18 centuries metaphase.

Since fast ancient, human excrement and urine is together with outdoors connection. People always goes outdoors liberate oneself. If a person uses bed pan inside house, as a result of the reason of weather and time, he also can reach its tip early as far as possible outdoors. Use toilet bowl undertakes inside house the activity nots less than one case this is pair of traditional challenges. In addition, whether can people work normally from beginning to end to toilet bowl hold very big suspicion.

The device of human excrement and urine, include to develop a toilet to have long history with water even. · of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of A of archaeologist of England of no less than Sir Yi Wensai describes in that way: What engrave grain having groove together is thick board to sit chair, and one has strong lavatory the container of evidence, this shows primitive toilet bowl is special in gram of the Bronze Age palace of division Nuo Suosi already was used. Rome is used namely in the famous and communal bathroom of period of at the height of power and splendour likewise famed at the world wear aqueduct high to come of water supply. These establishment also are used at needing the communal washroom of enough source of water, 10~20 person can go to the lavatory at the same time over there (the men and women is apart) . Sewer of classics of excrement and urine is swept. A few very wealthy families of Rome have illicit home shower room, but the poor is obliged to go up communal bathroom.

The first washroom that can reflect contemporary sense may be built at was being controlled 1596, it is its to grow official mansions to build in Samosaite's county by Sir John Harrington of England. At the same time classics royalty asks he is Bai Nv of cummer Yi beautiful Sha Wangye repaired. But these two toilet bowl because a variety of blemish, be washed out finally. Queen lives in make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of Li Shiman etc when, begin to use a bed pan afresh again. This is planted a bed pan a few wealthy families in American colony are very common also. Some is very simple, it is transfer to a lower level of a chair only a basin, chair all round the hide from view that use cloth is stern. Some is quite delicate, for instance henry 8 worlds most love implement charge for the making of sth. special fastidious, with black velvet, lace and tassel are decorated, and set full 2000 aureate act the role of a hammer.

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