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Strange practice of bath of noble of the Northern and Southern Dynasties of adva

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The noble serves as the spokesman of the classes, appearance of as illustrious as its prestige matchs the outside appearance with neat need. " south below history · Liang Benji " Xiao Gang of Jian Wendi of bridge of account the Southern Dynasties is doted on all the more to bath, special still compose 3 " bath classics " advocate bath energetically, can saying is China's earliest bath monograph. At that time for this shampoo bathes to be people link of daily and clean healthful life. 3 days of one shampoo already was formed since the Qin Dynasty first oneself, the life of 5 days of one bath is consuetudinary, the ancients shampoo is such diligent have a reason, because ancient time no matter men and women all hairdo Fu towel, accumulate dust dirt easily, so must diligent shampoo. Yun of abundant of person of bridge of the Southern Dynasties " abundant Yun novel " account -- criterion the story of shampoo: When Jin Ming emperor is prince, hear yuan of Di Mu, the cloud opens on: ' ' character of official carry on, volt covers head of auspicious day wash one's hair, old Shou Duoyi, do obeisance to a watch to drive sincerely; " answer the cloud: "Spring head of wash one's hair of the first month of the lunar year, dirty greatly up to now smelly, ear of reason force wash one's hair; Open, know Ru Xiaoai, when nowadays character, father and son enjoys salary immortal also. " open the cloud again: "Fu Wenmu is long, think fatigue pole, not how about of careful honour body? ' ' answer the cloud: "Go dirtying very beautiful, personally not extremely fatigue also. " the dialogue of this paragraph of concerned shampoo is very meaningful between Jin Yuandi Si Marui and father and son of prince minister carry on, history say " the gender comes filial piety " prince Sima Shaoting says father emperor shampoo, go up technically open express a blessing, because " Ji Rimu head, old Shou Duoyi " . And Jin Yuandi's answer is a head go up " big dirty is smelly " , want to be washed well so. Look does childish of Yi of Fu of leek of  of model of ⒌ of bifurcation of Qian of choke of colour of hurry of Huang of hurry of  of ⒁ of brilliant irritated し lift Xi to carry   enlighten grant useless jab to rip  of faint of radon of  of Yan boundless and indistinct to make @ stop  extensive  haying ancient wine vessel of  of  of = of lofty of coil up of Jia of rich persimmon  ?
" Yu Zao of · of The Book of Rites " ever set a program to bathing, after bath gives water, the essence of life that wants cent to be used clean, thick two towel cleanse a body, next reoccupy hot water drenchs personally, drape special commoners, with wait body dry, meantime drinks a few beverage even, in order to stop thirsty. Such bath is medium at least the other people that produces above just can do it, should saying is the program that decides for aristocratic bath place, poor common people cannot enjoy: The ancients still has bath to need of change clothes consuetudinary, " father of fishing of Hunan demit · " the cloud: "Xin Mu person play a coronal surely, new bath person surely change clothes. " advance acting noble already regarded an individual as cleanness bath healthful a serious content, abide by ancient custom bath to need change clothes. Liu Yiqing of person of the Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties " the life says neologism · virtuous Yuan " carry, the car drives general Huanchong to like bath. Its do not love spare time sparely wear new clothes: After Huan Chongmu bath, the wife sends new clothes intentionally to give him: Huan Chong urges angrily take away, its wife say: "Without new clothes, which come, old clothes: " Huan Chong listens to laugh, put on new clothes: Huan Chongmu bath, its wife send the clothing, and no matter new clothes old clothes, the person bathes at that time necessary change clothes, change clean dress nature much more comfortable: However, the Northern and Southern Dynasties of advance of the Kingdom of Wei is the times of make public of a human nature, sincere like Tang Ren Du Mu " embellish city " the place in the poem says: "In the main the Southern Dynasties all broad-minded, pitiful the Eastern Jin dynasty is the most tasteful. " in such times, different person treats bath to have different attitude each, it is bad bath, it is bath becomes addiction, trend extreme.

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