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Wash the festival of bath heart body- - bath Buddha section
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The 7th day after Pure Brightness passes, it is autonomous prefecture of the Jingpo nationality of De Hong Dai nationality 3 mountain area " rat wax gourd " village De Ang a group of things with common features annual bath Buddha festival. This day, festive atmosphere is hanged on the body of mountain fastness person, the boy wears black short covering of front of a garment of blue side rolling a margin, adorn big cloth with soft nap of Gong Gong to buckle, pallium is gotten hanging string together string of fluffy red ball to resemble all round enthusiastic fireworks; Silver of the silver-colored necklace of girls, all directions discharges big button, wear wear in compose of ball of chromatic cloth with soft nap tight on short covering, below sunshine flickering, very bright. Most distinctive is thick degree of finish a few when the Song Song between grown woman waist is hanging band of thin waist of cany thin bamboo strip, lumbar band lacquer is worn various color, bit wider still drew design, or on the bag silver-colored skin. Delicate lumbar band has paragraph of beautiful fokelore, the ancestor that says De Ang a group of things with common features comes out from calabash, when just coming out, women are in sky flitter not be born, clever man made group of thin bamboo strip of a few canes, ring of their by the waist, then women fall to the ground, lived together with men. Thenceforth rises, woman of De Ang a group of things with common features had the habit that wears lumbar band, the boy in be passionately in love always is elaborative, for oneself beloved girl makes bind round of waist of cany thin bamboo strip, band of waist of cany thin bamboo strip became the link of love of De Ang a group of things with common features again.

Of the festival before today, girls are collected to hill come wild flower. Of the festival that day, girls return the clearest hill spring to the back in hill with bamboo slip. Next, they carry the small bamboo slip that containing spring water, green leaf and flaxen chinquapin flower are enclothed on surface, in twos and threes is invited making an appointment with come to stockaded village mouth, come up against guest, dipping in with respect to the branch that take a flower spring water, toward the guest before the heart after the heart drenchs gently asperse a few, express the best blessing.

Have clever primitive religion besides believe in everythings on earth outside, religiosity of De Ang a group of things with common features is Buddhist, a best building in stockaded village is the room of big and thick that offerring figure of Buddha. Before room of divine ground big and thick, women bring an a basket carried on the back each, cut oneself the paper-cut picture that make maintains back up with rod of small bamboo of a root, insert on a basket carried on the back one by one, put cake of a few cake rude and unreasonable water and snack meticulously on lid of a basket carried on the back. They are silent crouch defend before room of big and thick, chewing areca, when waiting for auspicious, arrive, with respect to the intention oneself " Dan " give Buddha.
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