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Bath history traces to the source
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One, Xian Qinmu bath is formed formally

Bath, what say normally now namely bathe, those who include head, body, hand, foot wash bath. However the ancients shares however extremely fine, xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty " say civil solution word " the cloud:

Wash one's hair, wash is sent also.

Bath, asperse a body also.

Wash, asperse sufficient also.

Bath, asperse a hand also.

Alleged " wash " , " asperse " the meaning that washs namely. Look accordingly, archaic bath and the bathe meaning now are not complete be identical, and be opposite Xu Shen only " wash one's hair " , " bath " , " bathe " , " " the explanation closes, just be complete meaning go up bathe now.

First civilian people bath issues a river to be washed only at that time. As social development, people gradually nurturance the habits and customs of bath, at the latest has in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty of trader week period and inscriptions on bronze " bath " account. Wash one's hair, wash one's hair of water of basin of Ju of word image both hands sends form, it is wash one's hair knowingly, it is to wash of hair justice; Bath, place oneself of word image person in household utensils, add the water inside earthenware pot in the person's both sides, it is bath knowingly, it is the meaning that bathe. And the containers esp. for use in the house that uses bath has bronze ware warning, " say civil solution word " the cloud: "Ancient bronze mirror, big basin also, " Cheng Shui uses as wash implement, " village · is in relief " have " spirit is public wife 3 people, with ancient bronze mirror bath " account. When bronze mirror has not come out, the ancients often fills water to take appearance with ancient bronze mirror, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty " inspect " (inspect, ancient bronze mirror is the same as a word for Gu Jin) the look that takes a look with respect to Min like person Fu body. From " be filled with " word glyph looks, in Yu Yuqi of body of bath resembling a person, with " bath " word glyph close, a bit different place is only " be filled with " the bath of the word implement in " see sufficient bright show naked bath " (Kang Yan " elementary introduction of ancient writing headstream " ) . "Be filled with " word glyph was revealed to people first Qin Ren uses bath implement the scene of bath.
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