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The history that bathe: Bathing is the cleanness of the problem of the body or s
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"Bath " gas of this word bookman is too heavy, actually spoken parts in an opera is " bathe " . Bathing to be opposite now is common already the Chinese. Nevertheless, perhaps we also should not forget, can bathe everyday, before long before still is the dream of our civilian common people. Even if is now, "Can bathe everyday " to a lot of Chinese character remains a dream: Because do not have report, because economic condition is bad, because do not have water! Bathing it is thus clear that is individual sanitation problem not only, it still is social problem, politics problem, anyhow is the big question that concerns happiness and benefit of the national economy and the people's livelihood, people. Review the history that the mankind bathes, also be one arrives from the noble actually civilian history, a people goes after progress and happy history. The word is so tell, but if complete with " bathe " write into a book for the title, be afraid a lot of people can feel some " additional kind " . Especially at present " bath " when be together repeatedly as a kind of industry and scene of debauchery, honest expert learned man won't choose this kind of title to write a book. Besides " bath " , " bathe " let person couplet remember naked, sex again these words. Nude and sexual itself do not have what fault, the Chinese is not not to associate, however our associate unaccustomed go up at be being placed in mesa. It is naked obviously, must add last central words, cry " naked art " . If want to add,modify the sentence of the word actually, the aptest is " artistic nude " .

Romantic French scruples without so much, author with the French's peculiar exquisite sense, described the gradual progress of human bath equipment and method. The author is told from the history of water case, tell communal bathroom, private shower room, contemporary bathroom to wait a moment, king comes on, civilian common people comes below, how to bathe, with what establishment, including each pleasant story. Not only should say the cause and effect that bathe, this meddlesome France author returns collect more than 100 elegant pictures, it is completely master of stage photo of the objective photo that bathe, film, canvas is involved on the history -- , it may be said is elaborative. The author passes famous book of historical ancient codes and records, literature, art to be combed classically, the genetic sense that draw the outline of gave to bathe, genre and evolve. Writing intent of the author is very " of learning " : Bathe and the wholesome and clean problem that is the body not merely, reflected the mankind to be gone after to clean spirit however. " the history of bath " the changes that still can refract custom of down to of a religion, politics, culture really. When for instance the author speaks of the miniature of mediaeval concerned bath, such descriptions: "Face the communal bathroom that mediaeval miniature place behaves, who is done not have open-eyed over- ? It is the woman's slight form completely, on their body stark-naked, the hair combs fastidiously, accompanying likewise bare man, play in crock of hot water bath... " we know Japan has a men and women in all the custom of bath, the asceticism in wanting to be less than people impression, inflexible Europe is mediaeval have this kind of custom early. And kingly queen in the bathroom inside bath edge interviews minister, as a kind decorous with honor, peremptory the place that became drink of gregarious, banquet, this is afraid also is average person of never heard of before.
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