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Hairdressing of French bishop bath healthy

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People knows, drinking a bit claret appropriately is beneficial to the person's body, but claret is to offer people merely drinkable? Not be of course, the French discovered vinous again nowadays a kind of new use, that washs bishop bath namely.

In big cask or it is bath bishop is joined in the crock, next the body whole immerse inside, resemble bathing same, after immersing a little while, massage the whole body gently with both hands, get the body to give out heat slightly till rub, at this moment, you can have a kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling all over.

· of heart of Er of equestrian the base of a fruit asks Ms. Mass, she listens to the scientist of university of French wave Er to say, grape seed contains a lot ofmaterial of a kind of nutrition " much phenol " , long-term since, people believes vitamin E and vitamin C are to fight two kinds of material with the most effective consenescence all the time, but some much phenol are contained in grape seed,this is planted special material, its fight 50 times anile ability is vitamin E, it is 25 times of vitamin C.

Portland heart offerred heart of Er of equestrian the base of a fruit and her man a processing factory, the product includes conditioning agent of the fluid of skin cleaner, bath, frost that protect skin, physiology (profess to convinced) and fight knit hairdressing frost, current, heart of Er of equestrian the base of a fruit still offers series characteristic bath besides producing hairdressing to protect skin to taste, basically include following a few kinds:

Claret bath, grape honey bath, Mo Erle bath, bucket bath, above these are " wet cure " , still have " dry cure " , the honey that the oil that squeezes with grape seed namely, Boerduo produces and natural plant elite mix together, go up with the face on Tu Zaishen, undertake the massage of two many hours by skin cosmetologist, treat a disease unhealthily, without ill hairdressing fitness. This kind " three-in-one " product can dredge sequence of thought, outspread blood-vessel and moist skin, prevent and eliminate fleck and Huang Heban to wait, and still can enhance cutaneous disease-resistant ability.

Say according to the expert, commonly used this kind of product, can protect skin hairdressing, defer consenescence, make skin whiteness exquisite and rich stretch. Can say, the grape is treasure all over, people just had grapy the flesh of fruit in the past, spit grape skin and seed, brew also is such, produce many grape skin and grape seed to abandon need not, this is a kind of waste really, because in some sense, these looking otiose thing value is higher instead, have profit greatly to the hairdressing of human body and health care.

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