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Art of newest beauty leg -- thick salt

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Origin: People net a kind new " beautiful leg art " be in city female stealthily popular, the lady that loves the United States mights as well try- - art of thick salt beautiful leg. Its operation method is very simple, its principle is, have sudoriferous effect according to thick salt, can the redundant moisture inside eduction body, and promote cutaneous metabolism, exclude the waste material inside body.

Before bathing everyday, take the hot water that takes a cup of thick salt of the portion to add touch to mix mushy (the degree that daub won't fall off on the body) , besmear it on the body want thin place again, be like: Abdomen, arm all around, ham, about dormant after ten minutes, reoccupy hot water rinses thick salt dry 凈 (also can do some of massage reoccupy water to rush first) , can begin to bathe later. If your skin is more sensitive, cannot use general thick salt, 妳 can buy a kind finer " bath salt " will use.

The applicable crowd of this kind of means is the person that does not like sport, be in commonly arrive inside two weeks can get effective.

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