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Hairdressing of Italian lukewarm mud

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Hot spring and hot spring mud are beneficial to human body skin, this people had known. But the instability of the active ingredient in water of natural hot spring and hot spring mud, meeting block up the play of its effectiveness.
Recently, active is had in the former unripe environment that group of Italian biology research discovers water of natural hot spring or hot spring mud is forming, once apply,arrive to be able to be lost elsewhere those are only curative effect, basic composition is the Wen Ni exception that comprises by the plant that has life, animal, plankton.
The black lubricious Wen Ni that blocks period flourishing area in Italy belongs to this kind of clay. Apply it elsewhere later, its curative effect still is not decreased. Make clear according to newest research, this kind of black lubricious Wen Ni still can pass activation some kind specific enzymatic, action is on the β key of amino polysaccharide. After the organic curative effect that uses this sort sludge has local treatment. The skin produces distinct hydration effect. Another interesting action and release the Fei inside specific skin β to concern, it can affect the thermoregulation of human body, generation should hormone reaction, can undertake the adjustment of local hormone system automatically. The generation of the segmentation element that local use Wen Ni can make by Lang Ge place of cell of rarely family name is released gets a balance afresh, produce beneficial effect to the adjustment of skin immunity system thereby. Local apply this kind of mud, can make the lymphocyte of human body and monocyte measure increase, still can make grow in quantity of multiple not saturated fatty acid and kidney epithelial in blood at the same time fat hormone and sexual gland secrete a function to increase.
This kind of Italy lukewarm mud was studied by Italian Mavi Sud the group uses treatment successfully in the past beehive organization is phlogistic. It already was confirmed to in can be being used, undertake hairdressing is treated, suit old people especially. With this kind of Wen Ni the bath that make mashed vegetable or fruit can prevent the skin of freedom radical form. Defer consenescence thereby, still can improve cutaneous blood quantity and overall metabolism.
The inorganic part that Italian lukewarm mud contains already was confirmed can adsorbed gas and toxic substance, have antiphlogistic effect. On the other hand, the organic composition of this kind of mud is right because the age grows,the formation that prevents freedom radical is mixed and precipitation of generation skin pigment has apparent curative effect. Accordingly, face film makes spread of this kind of mud on the face, can increase cutaneous humidity, your skin looks brighter lustre, younger.

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