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"Turn over season " hairdressing results accident is beautiful

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Because,scorching weather is done not have it seems that now and then heavy rain somewhat slow, the heat wave that keeps out hard lets a person long to have an icy feeling, accordingly, of beauty parlour drop in temperature period of treatment because air temperature is high and be benefited. Although weather be worried must make a person very helpless, but we might as well choice a few " turn over seasonal hairdressing " , will can be done carry new meaning, the accident that the 2 hairdressing projects that will also can experience these are special bring is beautiful.

Turn over seasonal idea 1

Heat up more want bubble more

In burning season, who can still go to beauty parlour the hairdressing bath of bubble warm? In fact, it is to jump over heat to want bubble more. Beautiful body division points out, the summer because air temperature reason, hypodermic cell vigor is exuberant, grease secretes grow in quantity, pore is in the time that opens position apparent also increase, the composition protecting skin in SPA produces its effect the most easily, so bubble bath can let our skin get nursing very well. Additional, 20~25 minute bubble bath not only can make the whole body metabolic, outside discharging the redundant moisture inside body body, still can use up much quantity of heat at the same time, promote adipose cell decompose change, the oedema that causes to because water is divided,gathering fat effect especially good. Additional, if we cooperate special bubble bath recipe again, can get unexpected results in burning hot bubble bath.

■ characteristic is recommended

Chinese square herb raises a body bath

SPA is in Guangzhou popular already and old, and the SPA that deflection nurses at skin already was permeated by the dipping culture of Chinese tradition gradually, come from the Yao nationality among them Chinese square herb raises body bath is among them example. Experience a Miss Lin introduction according to beauty of lotus lane hairdressing, the distinction of it and general bubble bath depended on joining different remedy, besides clean and moist skin, still have sanitarian effect, suit very much contemporary inferior healthy crowd.

Bubble Chinese square herb raises the one big characteristic of body bath to perspire namely, when immersing 5 minutes or so with medicine, forehead begins to have sweat bead oozy, this is the expression that the skin secretes eduction toxin, from this ameliorable skin nutrition, stimulative metabolism. Beautician still introduces, after immersing 5 minutes, average heartbeat can accelerate 10~15 second / minute, velocity of flow of red blood cell relatively 3~4 is accelerated before washing bath times, small loop of the whole body got complete improvement, complexion of the female after bath is so ruddy.

Turn over seasonal idea 2

Heat up more want evaporate more

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