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Man SPA " raise colour piece "

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Good man is OK and straightforward, but unfavorable and coarse. Do to have savoured man, want to be in charge of for face. "Facial course of study of the man needs keep an eye on " , the man protects the knowledge of skin to have oneself.

Relaxed nurse: Skin physiology characteristic of the man and lady are different, man skin slightly a bit thicker, and average fat is secreted more exuberant, pore is so bulky, overmuch grease gets the pollution of outside dirt and bacterium easily, even block pore and appear black head, acne, acne, so the man protects skin the most important is relaxed go oily, contractive pore.

Water portion nurses: Fat skin lacks water easily also, qiu Dong is seasonal, the man's skin is very dry also, coarse reach dark and gloomy. Water portion nurses can balance man cutaneous grease to secrete not only, can offer the nutrition with enough skin and water share more, make the skin more healthy.

Dark sore treats major: Use contemporary and comprehensive treatment, from go up at all treat dark skiing ulcer. Law of medical treatment of Chinese and Western includes: Cool blood of inject of poison of platoon of the attune inside dietotherapy, main and collateral channels, from body blood platoon poison, Chinese traditional medicine nurses cooperate to live in a product to wait, cure rate is as high as 98% .
Diamond tender skin goes concave and convex hole: Use biology to spur action, c of exciting fiber mother produces new collagen and bounce fiber, bulky to pore, dark sore is concave and convex hole effect is distinct.

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