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Nan of little stomach of side of bathroom cubic meter of earth is decreased redu

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In the time of bathing around, we use the small folk recipe that ministry of needle play a game of chess reduces weight, also can help us effectively swing little stomach Nan. For example thick salt law and last membrane method.
Thick salt law
Thick salt has sudoriferous effect, it is OK the trash inside eduction body and redundant moisture, stimulative cutaneous is metabolic. As it happens of this kind of cubic meter of earth can accelerate the metabolism of abdomen Nan, OK still bate bilge, compensatory salinity and mineral, make skin stretchs tight meticulously, closely, a few bags of thick salt are bought to be able to be operated in supermarket or drug-store, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.
Fight measure: Bathing around can use this method. Before bathing, take a cup of thick salt to add a few hot water to mix mushy, besmear it in abdomen again. After 10 minutes, rinse thick salt clean with hot water, after also can be being massaged, rush again, begin to bathe next. After perhaps bathing, thick salt of one big spoon is spilled on the palm, massage abdomen directly, do not want when rub too exert oneself to do sth, lest get skin rub coarser.
If your skin is more sensitive, convert one kind finer " bath salt " .
Last membrane method
This kind of local method reducing weight is quite popular in Japanese young girl, undertake 1-2 every week second.
Fight measure: In horizontal stroke of flesh of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married old vaseline of the white on besmear of abdomen is thin and even ground, last with culinary next velar bag rises, hang is to should be wrapped quite closely, secure with scotch tape after the package is nice. Yu Yu crock immerses later, water is warm with 40-42 Celsius advisable. Need to immerse only the part under the waist, bubble makes an appointment with 5-15 minute, wrapping right now last velar abdomen should meet a large number of perspiring.
Bubble is over the denude after half body bath lasts film, the towel that use heat obliterates vaseline, with toilet soap abluent. Pour cold water at the same time next, have abdomen of rhythm ground rap with double palm at the same time, undertake 2-3 the bout was finished.

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