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Bath salt beauty
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Origin: Porcelain meal net

The glamour of bath salt:
Wash a health
Wash a beauty
Wash a slim figure

Bath salt is fabulous
How is hairdressing function of salt discovered by people? Perhaps we ought to let remember backdate to go to old Europe. In the fairy tale of Andersen, the mermaid of that feeling pure beauty, what sufferring seawater just about is alimentary, just grow attractively clinking. It is before early, european jack-tar people, because be exposed for a long time,fall in sunshine, the skin is easy burst and ageing, but because the cleanness of sea salt and remedial effect make,their skin still can maintain groove, and the contribution that this also is seawater, be the cleanness of sea salt and remedial effect, make jack-tar people after the skin is destroyed be restored in time again. Suffer this to inspire, dutch will be taken use at cutaneous to maintain into bath salt from deep-sea saline fine, perhaps, this is the distant enlightenment that mermaid place should deliver! Now, the beautiful bath salt in hairdressing already deduced all sorts of bath culture, add hot spring the bath salt of mineral composition, bath salt that adds oil of popular choice aing kind of sweet grass, bath salt that joins plant grain... of Xian Xian sweet sweet, the bath salt tornado of colour profusion had blown a whole world. Bath salt is analysed
Now, every court vogue, beautiful girl, when choosing commodity, value effect purely no longer, and the component that pays attention to them more. Resemble wearing the dress optional and exquisite nature, same, commodity pays attention to the natural content of component. "Bath salt " criterion the beautiful that ground of follow a rational line to do some work well becomes skin to maintain is tasted, because of its natural component, delicate aroma, attractive colour, transcendental effect... become modern woman protect skin to be bestowed favor on newly.
In a lot of countries, people has reviewed salt of idiomatic and deep-sea bath washs face, bath sufficient, it can promote metabolic, deep-seated cleanness skin, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, fast cure small cut, dispel the pore with the skin with redundant grease and corneous layer, uneven rehabilitate, bulky astringent... use for a long time, skin is silky and exquisite.
See the powder with multicoloured, different degree of finish or grain suddenly when you, install in modelling each different, in the container of delicate exquisite, distribute the silken tape with chromatically subdued color, natural meeting thinks this is vogue, distinctive adornment or it is the present that elegance does not have a color. Imagine it is to take very hard from seawater different deepness, out differs country, have those who protect skin effect to wash bath to protect skin to taste. It has the United States to admire not only luxuriant " outside " , still have extraordinary, cannot estimate " connotation " . Different bath salt is sending out different " flavour " , have light petaline faint scent, cool and refreshing herb sweet...
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