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DIY food bath -- baby your skin
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Acetic bath

Hold to acetic bath for a long time to be able to prevent dehydration, the brightness that retains fingernail, toenail is glittering and translucent, reduce dark sore acne cause. Bases acetic acid of vinegar has very strong antiseptic capacity, vinegar still contains a lot ofcent of calcic, amino acid, vitaminic, lactic acid, dextrose, candy and salt kind, have effect of integrated health care to the skin. 100 milliliter glycerine is joined in 500 milliliter vinegar, agitate reserves equably. Press this fluid 1 : The scale of 25 joins Wen Shui, immerse bath.

Citric bath

Be known as " hairdressing fruit king " citric, it is European since ancient times the beautiful that protects skin is tasted. Capability of citric decontamination dirty is strong, do not harm the skin again, be beneficial to skin moist Bai Xi, suit patient of dark sore, acne especially. This kind of patient is facial oil is much, touch easily a large number of dirt and microbial, block pore, cause skin agnail fester, often wash citric bath to be able to prevent and cure acne.

Tomato bath

Bath of tomato of be current of American Florida city, local dweller thinks tomato has the tender skin, effect that makes the skin ruddy. Its method is add tomato juice a few alcohol, boric acid to reserve, according to bath person need and different water are warm, add right amount tomato juice, immerse bath.

Honey bath

Odour fragrance, nutrition is rich, long ill body weak joins bath of lukewarm leach bubble with right amount honey, can receive apparent fitness life-giving effect.

Towel gourd bath

Bath immerses in adding towel gourd juice Wenshui, can invigorate the circulation of blood knows wind, disappear heats up embellish skin, detoxify is antiphlogistic, raise the skin to fight knit ability. The means that collects towel gourd juice is: When numerous Xie Mao of towel gourd branch, will leave the cany incision that the earth's surface controls 60 centimeters, the mouth is gadarene, with clean vitreous bottle is secured in earth, opening and plastic pipe photograph join, the other one aspect of the matter of plastic pipe is fastened in cut of towel gourd cane to be in can. A few glycerine, boric acid and alcohol still should be joined when using.

Cucumber bath

Cucumber juice contains soft fine fibre element, path putrefaction is excreted and stimulative bowel reduces the effect of cholesterol, controallable the body is fat. The sylvite in cucumber juice, vitaminic A and E, microelement calcium, phosphor, iron reachs candy, can promote the skin bright and clean and tender. cucumber juice right amount join Wen Shui, immerse bath conduces to maintain the body to gentle and graceful, skin is smooth and exquisite. This is in France the method of a kind of bath of a lot of place be current.
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