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Sort of bath bully design is various security is most important
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Ask at the lady: Sort of bath bully design is various, how should choose after all?

Assist in managing solve: Bath bully product is a country the product of compulsive and safe attestation, namely the “3C” attestation product that people often says. Every plant bath bully to the product of model should have 3C attestation and get corresponding letter. Consumer is when the choose and buy, can examine the card book number of relevant type product or certificate to businessman all alone, certificate date authenticity can enforce in “ China 3C of product CCC attestation is online ” (Http:// undertake inquiring.

Additional, consumer must choose safety performance the bath with good, good quality bully. Must notice to warm oneself when the choose and buy bulb namely whether does radiation lamp have infrared quartz enough security, want strict and waterproof, explosion proof; Lamp holder should use double whorl to fall off in order to put an end to phenomenon, should choose outside taking warm bulb, have defend the product of the net.

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