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Attention provincial capital washs bath industry: Food container imperial mandat
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In last few years, the common bath pool of a few units is shut in succession, remain also be inside unit or courtyard of its family member, consumer is found very hard. Look more high-grade, the city washing bath with very good also decorate can be found easily however.
It is the city washing bath that drives very more on one hand, it is many ordinary common people however on one hand it is difficult to make to bathe. A few citizens tell a reporter, some closer construction transforms year of town, the will original place that wash bath is demolished almost, but after tearing open however oversight common people the need of this respect. Common people bathes this problem is generally, also should cause take seriously.
A few people think, they do not choose to wash bath city to bathe, compare common shower besides price respect outside Gao Zhi, still have other reason. The gentleman that often wash bath city before says: "The sanitation of the city that wash bath also invites person suspicion actually, allegedly inside offerred bathing articles for use is one-time, for instance towel, but is who knows after all? " he tells a reporter, it is at the beginning of start business of a town that wash bath, he ever had bathed. When washing a half, division of give sb a rubdown with a damp towel begins to ask him otherwise wants other service, affable still ground is recommended to him, do he is very uncomfortably. What because wash bath course of study,a period operates is non-standard, make people raises " bathe " " massage " when on metropolis belt one kind of peculiar colour, do not wish to wash.
As we have learned, at present Xining city already had the center washing bath with a few higher class, bubble bath is alone bath crock, collect fees not low. And a few in the bubble bath of the cheap place that wash bath is public poll, virtually offerred transmission way for the disease.
Although of Xining city a lot of in the cheap place that wash bath sticks have clew: "Contagion, dermatosis and hypertensive patient must not be entered. " but reporter course interviews discovery, this just reminds, the clerk of piscina won't adopt any measure to check or prevent, want to the client comes only, can enter at will. Some piscina boss says, whether does the client have disease of venereal or other infectivity, they cannot be judged, they also have no right to undertake checking to the client. So, face Xining city to have house of the center washing bath of the situation of blossom everywhere, sauna greatly, people raises doubt, does the masses need not to need sauna after all?
The reporter made countless telephone calls, want to examine the specific data that washs bath industry development and dimensions at present to Xining city in relevant section, did not find however. Although do not have specific data, but the eye that we can believe ourselves: All round place of the village that lives in us, office, be full of the center washing bath of all sorts of class.
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