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Fish of room of Kunming part sauna 7 problems
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Our city sanitation executes the law supervisory branch reported unacceptable state of sanitation of partial sauna bathroom a few days ago, basically have the following 7 sides issue:
It is partial sauna bathroom does not have special cloth grass, Bao Jie ark or Bao Jie measure are not full, the effect that wash disappear assures hard, small face-cloth automation line is not fulfilled; 2 it is to wash hair disinfect box with tool ultraviolet ray not complete, slipper disinfects establishment to exist in name only, did not deploy slipper to disinfect establishment even, slipper protects clean to was not fulfilled, pedicure is provided did not make be disinfected strictly or alexipharmic the effect to not agree with ask; 3 it is piscina water time disinfection effect is not ideal, record not complete or without the record; 4 it is to was not installed prohibit sufferring from venereal indicate with respect to bath with all sorts of contagious dermatosis clients; 5 it is the part did not obtain healthy card and wholesome knowledge to groom from personnel of course of study mount guard of certificate of approval, from sanitation of personnel of course of study knowledge is lacked, wholesome habit is poor, sanitation management system is not fulfilled; 6 be stage food, cup is provided (tableware) wash disappear non-standard, the part expires food and without label food; 7 it is individual unit bath of outfit having branch uses cosmetic act.
Be aimed at the problem that discovers in the examination, city sanitation supervises an orgnaization to already supervised and urge each sauna bathroom is fulfilled rectify and reform measure, to 35 units with serious problem, execute the law by city supervisory bureau basis " public wholesome regulation " , " Food Sanitation Law " , " byelaw of prophylaxis and treatment of Yunnan province AIDS " punishment of executive sanitation administration, amerce amount 121700 yuan. According to the deploy that establishs national sanitation town, ask whole town supervises an orgnaization to strengthen the sanitation management of bathrooms of pair of the sauna inside limits of area under administration each, fulfil the requirement of afore-mentioned code strictly, those who ensure numerous people is healthy.
Origin: Information of public of Kunming city government administration serves a net

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