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Black city washs bath center sauna to massage a price of 3000 yuan of days
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Come Mr Liu that Urumqi is away on official business washs bath center evaporate to be over in Urumqi town flood land side road sauna is massaged, ought he body and mind is free from worry however glad to do not rise, because bath center should be washed when checkout,received him 3000 yuan.

On August 18 morning 10 when make, the reporter sees Mr Liu, mr Liu is come from Beijing border those who make an item, just will reach Urumqi city on August 7. Letting what Mr Liu arrives without anticipation is, after the consumption with the simple center that wash bath, was handed in 3000 yuan forcibly actually.

Mr Liu tells a reporter, late on August 17 21 when make, his person comes to flood land side road to wash bath center consumption, 22 when make, evaporate is over Mr Liu after sauna is in a 5 square metre are big, only one piece massages bed and a phone " between honoured guest " undertook half hours or so massage, went out " between honoured guest " , of the accused " massage should collect fees alone " , mr Liu handed in 500 yuan.

When settle accounts Mr Liu was taken by two male clerks inside a little room, subsequently the door is shut, take out 8, 9 pieces of Zhang are odd, said to consume two massage things here, it is 888 yuan in all, add " between honoured guest " time cost, consume 2588 yuan in all, hit Mr Liu lets pay 2500 yuan after folding.

"I left 300 yuan of money only on the body at that time. The notebook computer of the belt also by a clerk ' for ' I am being carried on the back, after making 300 yuan of ready money, but under I brushed 2000 yuan in this center that wash bath. Go up personally only remnant 10 yuan of money, just take a taxi quite come home, subsequently I signed up for alarm. " Mr Liu tells a reporter, he this is to come to black city for the first time, he of journey north and south is slaughtered to return in the center that wash bath is first time.

Current, police station of friendly north district is in Urumqi city public security bureau to undertake investigating to this matter.

Information source: Xinhua net

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