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135 sauna room is applied " hotel "
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Nanjing daily reports (brighting Xu Duwei of Xu Tao of reporter Ning Gongxuan's reporter's trainee) police washs bathhouse place to sauna since this month nightly stay problem has a standard, the reporter learned from city public security bureau yesterday, at present already 135 sauna bathroom applies for to join hotel to turn management to police.

In the light of before in sauna room nightly accommodation does not need test and verify generally, register, become the hideout of illegal crime personnel extremely easily, cause the condition of problem of a few public security thereby, at the beginning of this month, police asks to recieve stay sauna to wash bathhouse place to execute hotel to turn management. According to introducing, alleged hotel changes management to divide period of time to wash bathhouse place to have public security government to sauna namely, everyday before dawn 2 when consummate midday 8 when, undertake administrative by hotel industry, execute real name to register, other period of time still washs bathhouse place to undertake administrative by sauna.

At present already 135 sauna bathroom applies for to join hotel to turn management to police, send via checking and accept a nucleus " licence of special type industry " . As we have learned, these places signed book of public security responsibility with police, build fulfilled perfect real name to register, the property check, newspaper that know doubt is checked wait for each regulations system; Build perfect interior guards an organization to perhaps appoint full-time security personnel; Installation used the video supervisory system of management information system of hotel public security and up to specification; Installed property to keep box, ark perhaps keeps room, safe; Accredit security personnel personnel by the regulation, the clerk that register passed major to groom.

As we have learned, at present the our city has sauna to wash bathhouse place many 1200, nightly stay business runs before this occupy half above.

Police emphasizes, police will increase what wash bathhouse place to sauna to superintend strength further, be mixed to washing bathhouse without declaring the sauna of stay of do sth without authorization the stay sauna that does not register by the regulation washs bathhouse place, police general according to " hotel job public security runs way " , " public security management sanctions a method " wait for concerned law laws and regulations to undertake handling, inspect clue weight to give to relevant responsibility person warning, amerce or the punishment that detain. In the meantime, police encourages masses active clue, help public security scheme seasonable discovery, investigate break the law violate the sauna of compasses to wash bathhouse place. Inform against a phone: 110 or 84420304.

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