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Harbin city 100 this special house glass blast hurts sauna of hotel of peaceful
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Zhang Feng of electric Beijing tourist is entering Harbin town on September 17 100 this special when hotel of peaceful business affairs, because sauna house glass produces explosion, cause body much part to get hurt. The hotel just paid cure fee, reject to have the compensation of other respect. Recently, in haing city disappear assist below mediation, the hotel paid the charge such as cost of Zhang Feng delay one's work 5000 yuan.
"I just opened the vitreous sliding door of sauna room, glass exploded! " when Zhang Feng answers the one act that recall is plunged into by bath house glass, return one's heart still fluttering with fear. Zhang Feng says, on August 23, he and colleague are entered 100 this special the 402 room of hotel of peaceful business affairs. 22 when the left and right sides, after the colleague bathes, he also prepares to enter sauna room to bathe. Can open sliding door of bath house glass in him that one instantly, the glass on sliding door produces explosion suddenly, fragment everywhere the horizontal stroke flies, the place such as the hand ministry him, wrist ministry and arm is plunged into, immediately blood flows continuously. The colleague connects a public house instantly downstage, downstage service personnel is contacted " 120 " emergency treatment car sends the hospital around first aid Zhang Feng, zhang Feng leaves hospital after the hospital seamed 89 needles. That evening the remedial fee that the hotel paid Zhang Feng.
After the accident, zhang Feng and hotel have negotiation, requirement hotel compensation cannot work because of getting hurt the relevant charge such as the cost of delay one's work that cause, but refuse by the hotel. On August 24, zhang Feng complains this matter haing city disappear assist. Through investigation, accident reason is sauna room equipment installation is improper, in-house atmospheric pressure too concentration, cause vitreous explosion. According to " consumer rights and interests protects a law " and " rights and interests of Heilongjiang province consumer protects byelaw " concerned regulation, haing city disappear assist instruct 100 this special hotel of peaceful business affairs compensates for Zhang Feng medical expenses and cost of delay one's work to wait for relevant charge 5000 yuan, outside the fee of 1100 yuan of cure that eliminate hotel early days pays for Zhang Feng, the hotel still should pay 3900 yuan compensation.
Recently, zhang Feng took the compensation of the hotel.
Origin: Northeast net - Heilongjiang morning paper

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