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Not to delay the public sauna-day business of popular shopping and leisure Bi
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In recent days, "sauna weather" to Castle resembles a steamer, hot weather is intolerable to many outdoor leisure and entertainment, "deserted" a lot, instead of the cinema, shopping malls, supermarkets and other relatively cool in the enclosed spaces become "hot Trouble, "it became the preferred public good place for leisure shopping. According to the relevant person in charge, the past few days, these places welcomed the audience and customers in varying degrees, have significant growth, including growth Qicheng of cinema Audience of the most obvious. In addition, according to the "mountain" near the "water" park, the sea and the swimming pool in the river, came to play, walk past the public has also increased compared. Studios: temperature 8 ℃ For "hot" get "happiness" into the box office growth over five Last night, reporters came to the road of peace Wanda International Film City, the measured outdoor temperature is 33 ℃, and into the film suddenly feel cool after the Office, in accordance with the five-star standards, Wanda International Film City in the 24-26 year-round temperature is a constant ℃. The degree of film outside the Office of the hot weather as "hot." 7:40 pm, is the hit "Tangshan Earthquake" ready to launch, holding popcorn, drinks of the audience have admission, attendance was 100%. According million International film City of the person in charge of marketing, many people are viewing as the first choice for entertainment. "Compared with the early July, the overall attendance increased Studios Qi Cheng, over half of the total box office increase. Now" Tangshan Earthquake "is hit, each able to achieve 100% attendance, attendance has reached Bacheng other films about attendance than in the past has been significantly improved. " Shopping: temperature 5 ℃ Binjiang business shopping hot summer things correct As night slowly falls, hot day on the streets Kaoshai not fully dispersed, the outdoor temperature is still maintained at 33 ℃, to Binjiang people shopping up more gradually. About Lebin department door, a surge of cool air meet Surface winds, the temperature of the aisle mall entrance is only 28 ℃, a few people waiting at the gate of his fellow looked very relaxed, clear out those who do not fret. Into the first floor, many women members of the public trial in the cosmetic counter With, selection. Mary and friends are members of the public to buy a leisurely sunscreen, Mary said, "we made an appointment ahead of time looking for a place after work Binjiangdao 'refreshing', eating, shopping and do not delay." In addition to persons within the department Lebin Flow gradually increased, Binjiang Dao also appears on the evening of other shopping malls "topped up" the scene, shopping centers have also been increased turnover, improved one or two percent. Sea-river: temperature 1 ℃ Yu Hai feel warm temperature water platform Heat generated by the outside, but the night, the sea or river water platform gathered a lot of people come to relax. At 8:00, the reporter went to the Jin Wan Plaza, near the water platform, where hundreds of people walk and talk. "Although the weather is very hot, but the night with friends to see the river to the sea night, walk, talk Days, sometimes the wind blew waves, can feel a little cool, the feeling is still very pleasant. "Wang told reporters. Even though the outdoor temperature is as high as 33 ℃, the Haihe River have 32 ℃, but the passing breeze, or people Feel a bit comfortable. "Upon entering the summer, enjoy the cool air to the sea of people on the river was increased, when compared to cold weather, as much as a full increase Liucheng. Although the past few days the 'sauna weather' to outdoor temperature remains high, but the night came hydrophilic Platform for members of the public still did not enjoy the cool air to reduce leisure. "Walking in the year to come here sooner or later, aunt, told reporters. The interview, many people have said that despite the sea the river is not much cooler than the outdoors, but the scenery and the atmosphere was very Enjoyable. Supermarket: temperature 7 ℃ Passenger Volume small long summer evening peak passenger flow At 7:40, the reporter went to Nankai District, the road all music shopping plaza, take the escalator into the supermarket basement hall, suddenly feel the cool, summer heat is swept away. Mercury thermometers carry a reporter Column measured from the outside plummeted to 33 ℃ 26 ℃. Although the peak shopping day yesterday was not the weekend, but summer is still full of people inside the supermarket at night, showing a hot scene. Reporter observed that, from the age point of view, the supermarket's customers mostly in the elderly, Where there is no lack of young children have summer holidays. Everybody likes shopping mall staff, told reporters: "into the V has been since, the supermarket every day non-holiday traffic around about 5500 people, compared to before the customer into the V Traffic has increased, but not very clear, but the peak passenger flow every time there occurred a significant change. Every morning and afternoon before the day when the most customers, but into the V after care after 6 pm Number of guests has increased significantly, the number of customers in this time period has been more than the afternoon peak of passenger flow every day into a morning and evening. Can be seen that some customers are shopping the supermarket cool attracted to. " Park: temperature 2 ℃ Heat Island into a "natural air conditioning" zone At 9:00, the reporter went to Nankai District Changhong Park, although the hour is late, but Changhong crowded park entrance, at the entrance plaza at the seat, edge flower beds, filled with people who came to the park enjoy the cool air. A pair Old couple hand palm-leaf fan, sitting in bed side, watching the grandchildren play in the center of the square. This old couple living in Lintong Road, Nankai District, residents living near the park from Changhong distance of less than one kilometer to the park enjoy the cool air ten Points convenience. Concentration of the population is located in the lot after transformation, Changhong Park Summer enjoy the cool air of the nearby residents as a good place for nearby residents as a summer "treasure", Changhong Park is not only of trees, pleasant, and And the temperature is lower than outside the park about 2 ℃. Enjoy the cool air to the park together with his wife Liu grandmother said: "I and her husband live in 50 square meters of the units, air-conditioned home, a waste of electricity, and does not green ah, so I told His wife to the park every night shade, save a lot of electricity, but also environmentally friendly. " According to the city park at the city appointed Mr Lee introduced the summer enjoy the cool summer, the park has become a traditional community, with the recent upgrade and the city park, the park is getting better and better environment to attract tourists "to Visit "the main reason." Since the beginning of summer this year, the major city park visitor has increased over the normal four times, like a water park, Changhong Park, People's Park and other integrated large park has reached about 30,000 visitors a day people , Despite the hot weather, still can not stop the enthusiasm of the public leisure garden. "Mr Lee said. According to reports, the city park of more than 200 total seats, and most of the park has been achieved through enhancing the transformation of a wide variety of vegetation, the environment Elegant effect, combined with the park lake waves, air quality, clean, people feel like returning to nature, to become the city's natural oxygen bar. "Currently, in addition to other zoos, the city parks are free and the major. In addition, To meet the demand of the park, but also to carry out a number of cultural activities to relax people, but also enrich the spiritual and cultural. "Mr Lee said.

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