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Department of Leisure club sauna into prostitution dens 24 were taken away by t
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Yesterday, suspected Jin Du Hotel leisure club sauna prostitution activities of the Department of Hwang and other two men and two women, were sentenced to administrative detention by the police 15 days; Jin Du Hotel leisure club sauna department and the establishment of a male owner of the two Management staff are suspected of organizing prostitution crimes shelter by the police, criminal detention. It is understood that more than 10 pm the night before, to eliminate pornography, gambling, Foshan police received a report from the masses of professional teams: towards an Road in Chancheng Jin Du Hotel leisure club in the sauna was the Ministry of prostitution. "Three sweep" professional team to organize for deep undercover police Into the survey and found that part of the fifth floor of the fourth floor of the hotel guests dirty deal between the sauna. Foshan Municipal Public Security Detachment joint patrol police detachment of an army patrol Chancheng Public Security Bureau and other departments to act immediately and surprise inventory. 11 night and more rapid action teams blitz surrounded inventory Jin Du Hotel leisure club, the first control gate at the club "spreading rumors" of the three men and women, blocked hotel entrance. Large team of people then rushed to the fourth floor of Hotel Leisure Club And the fifth floor, room by room to check on the spot seized Hwang of 7 people suspected of prostitution, of which the fourth floor of two rooms each have a pair of naked men and women, on the fifth floor of the "technician room" seized six are preparing to never ending service female "Massage Technician", the fourth floor in the hotel reception, corridors, rooms, video surveillance seized boss, counseling customers, cashiers and other staff 11 people, seized the books, records and other evidence on the number of minutes. Operations continued until yesterday morning, 24 suspects were brought back to the public security organs for further investigation. Night by police handling the case review, evidence collection, Jin Du Hotel leisure club sauna Ministry, shelter or the fact that prostitution is crystal clear. Yesterday , The police make a decision: the suspected prostitution and other acts of Hwang 4 to 15 days administrative detention for punishment; organization or shelter a woman suspected of prostitution, a crime boss of the place of a male and 2 staff members detained by the police; responsibility That the premises ordered to stop for 6 months and impose a fine, but sent a letter to business management, the proposed revocation of its business license.

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