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Every day "sauna" as music titled
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Weightlifting Hall in Dongguan, often race gap breaks, five lovely "harmonious smug Le Yangyang," will bounce appearance, performing a variety of cute moves, amused the audience laugh. In fact, the whole gang of Asian Games mascot is a city of Dongguan University of Technology Institute of International Trade Professional of the boys who played. "We are very emotional mascot, hoping to gain a little after the game mascot." This is a bunch of young people, the only requirement. Dongguan Stadium yesterday when the reporter went to the back work area, the group of "harmonious smug Le Yangyang," just finished the show. Cumbersome lovely sheep's head off, a few young faces filled with large drops of perspiration shed. Actor Wu Wenbin told reporters in mid-October, they took part in the selection, the final 5 were selected actually a dormitory, "the other two is also our professional, on the dormitory next door!" A total of five "sheep", so why 7 people? "This is a waste of energy, the two substitutes, in a sudden situation, tired or sick time, he will come on top." Actor Chang Huai said with a smile. The dress looks lovely, is not fit to wear. Heavy bloated shape, just have to charge set to the body with great difficulty. "At first we wore a full 10 minutes to wear inside." Actor Zhang Yubin said, "Now we move very fast, less than 5 minutes to wear over." Because the clothing is too thick, and each regarded the boys to wear hot not, move a few minutes to have sweaty, let alone in the game performed for the audience. After each performance, they are like a steamed sauna. Performing their daily average of 2 to 3 games, and even up to 4 games.

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