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Longines pull out a mad sauna Thief
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"This is plainly extortion ... you ..." "Who blackmail you? I've got a loss, you should not lose ... Why ..." December 16 afternoon, two men in the public security Wanbailin the Criminal Investigation Branch police Hing Wah This was before the debate. Listened patiently while two police statements, he noticed one of the men on the wrist "Longines" table, a number of city and Jinzhong fled the city, Xiaoyi and other places, "sauna Thief," which show their true colors ... ... December 15 afternoon, a man surnamed Wang, said he was a police man called Wang YG extortion, Hing Wah the Criminal Investigation Police put two back to the interrogation. Registration of two of the name, occupation, address and other basic conditions, police soon find out what was going on. Alarm and Wang YG fighting, Wang YG Shou Lexie claims for compensation, "bargaining" and fall two million, but the "asking price" by the loss of its "reference" enough not a case of extortion. In this connection it could have been settled, but police noted that no regular employment Wang YG is often wrapped in the sauna, housing, and the hands of the watch at least the value of the yuan, was incompatible with their status and income. Careful to ask, Wang YG hesitant, deflected the question and simply tell their own source of income. So, the police searched the relevant procedures according to Wang YG wrap sauna room and found the room a large number of mobile phones, phone cards and other identity cards. Some contest, the 24-year-old man Xinzhou Wang YG account their starting from the end of 2009 Wanbailin District in the city, Jiancaoping District, Xiaodian and Jinzhong Yuci District, Xiaoyi City to major sauna , bath, 30 times Qiaodao "for odd," Yuke property, involving more than 10 million.

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