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Dispatch is hitting sauna to wash the cover of bath on August 27, doing prostitution business however stealthily, carry on promotes center of sauna of Home Xin Changyi to was investigated a few days ago, the young worker of 4 Heilongjiang book such as Wang Mou walks the street because of making assistance organize the blame is parted to sentence 8 months to come 2 years the set term of imprisonment that 6 months differ, the fine that is in 5000 yuan to reach 10 thousand yuan.
This year in January, the 4 people such as Wang Mou come the sauna center of city of recreation of fitness of Home Xin Changyi to work, this center is divided outside be being massaged normally, still set massage balcony to provide sexual service by massage young lady. The 4 people such as Wang Mou suffer daily and specific office management is in charge of respectively after employing. Not long ago, public security mechanism hunts down several street walkers in this sauna center on the spot, hunt down walk the street to be covered with small bill sheet and many safety. According to statistic, came on January 8 from this year during Feburary 2, this sauna center offers a gender to serve 316 times to the guest.
Although 4 people and their paraclete the member that argue says 4 people are dozen of worker, but set by criminal law, the guilty activity that for other executive organization walks the street offers convenient, creation condition, remove an obstacle, pass oneself the hand with all sorts of invisible perhaps materiality behavior, make the prostitution of other the activity is carried out smoothly, make hand namely the organization walks the street blame, 4 people should pay heavy price for his ignorant act as before.
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