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The bath of hot spring

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Hot spring, traditional preserve one's health learns to say for Wen Shang, boiling spring. Its come from underground, absorbed the quantity of heat with deep-seated lithosphere, dissolved again the mineral element in layer, because this is told commonly, hot spring is mineral spring.
Because hot spring contains more salt than general groundwater kind composition, gas composition, active part, never can be the same as angle produce effect of sanitarian medical treatment to human body so. Often make the bath of hot spring, can stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, disease of joint of disease, neurological to cerebral cardiovascular system disease, digestion disease, respiratory system disease, muscle have very good curative effect.
Because hot spring water is clear color is bright, and colourful of cloud evaporate glow, the four seasons is like soup, and curative effect is magical, people of our country ancient time says namely " divine water " , " divine soup " , " divine spring " . Early of home of our country traditional preserve one's health knows the function of preserve one's health of hot spring. Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han Dynasty ever had " hot spring endows with " the cloud: "Severe having difficulty, yan of hot spring berth. In order to flow dirty, juan is divided but Te (point to evil influence) " , age of the Northern Zhou Dynasty is believed also ever too drinkable mineral water has record and narrate treat a disease action. Allegedly Tang Taizong ever sufferred from rheumatism, long treat do not heal, the bath of the hot spring that still arrives Hua Qingchi of hill of Tong black horse finally just cures. The Tang Taizong that nowadays leaves " hot spring inscription " have write down: "I accumulate Lv with care service, tired baby of disease of early in the morning, every wash suffers from Yusiyuan, do not move from time to time is obtained contribute. Do not move from time to time is obtained contribute..
Hot spring is hot spring by water lukewarm cent (25 ~ 37 degrees) , hot spring (38 ~ 42 degrees) , high fever spring () of 42 degrees of above. Our country reachs Japanese general water lukewarm under 25 degrees (American regulation is 27 degrees, flower, regulation of the Russia before law, heart, meaning is mixed calls Leng Quan for the spring of 20~C) , asymmetry hot spring. Bright generation Li Shizhen still contains mineral different situation ÷ to divide the mineral spring of 600 much place that the whole nation already discovered at that time spring of the Acheron that it is sulfur, vermilion, aluminite spring wait by mineral spring.
Hot spring bath can be divided for bath of bath of bath of systemic dip bath, half body dip, short hot dip, local dip and shower a variety of means, apply with half body bath most. Systemic bath points to lie on his back quietly immerse in Yu Wenquan or hot spring, surface does not exceed a tit (be equivalent to heart place namely) level. If surface is reached high cervical, meeting influence breathes heart function. Half body bath shows below half body enters dip hot spring or hot spring in, back is enclothed with big towel. Lest catch cold catch cold. The water of short stew is warm taller, be in commonly 42 ~ undertake in 45 degrees of high fever springs between, 2 ~ become dip bath 5 minutes namely go out of the bath rest a short while, undertake 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly so. Local bath divides hip bath, sufficient bath, arm bath again, part namely the waist the following place, double sufficient, hand and antebrachium immerse in Yu Requan. The bath of hot spring is general and daily or tertian, undertake 10 ~ 20 minutes every time, it is one period of treatment 30 times with 15 ~ ; The circumstance is inspected to have the 2nd period of treatment again after 3 ~ resting 5 days later.

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