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Bath health is complete jewel
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To city medium for us, bathe to had made daily living in the center an essential thing. It is OK that the personage that loves clean a little thinks extremely even one day not to have a meal, but cannot one day does not have bath... bathe to us already was clean body not just so simple, the man wants sauna from time to time, beautiful eyebrow people be fond of fume sweet ah bath salt ah. Actually, the advantage that bathe is true still many. Bathe to be able to keep clear of not only sweat dirty is smeary, eliminate exhaustion, easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, improve Morpheus, enhance cutaneous metabolization function and disease-resistant power, and pass Wen Shui immerse, can treat certain disease.

The main point that bathe

Frequency: Summertime human body is secreted exuberant, perspire more, should rinse 1 times everyday. And winter, spring, fall weather is not hot, the frequency that bathe but because of the person different. The body is fatter secrete with sebaceous glands exuberant person, can increase bathing number appropriately. Old people sebaceous glands is secreted decrease, can reduce bathing number appropriately.

Water is warm: It is advisable that the temperature of bath water should is close to with temperature, namely 37 ℃ of 35 ~ , if water is warm exorbitant, can make systemic skin hemal and outspread, flow of heart head blood decreases, happen anoxic. The water when pregnant woman bathes is warm should notice not to want more too tall, happen in case fetal and anoxic, affect fetal growth. The summer bathes cold water to want measurable. Bathing water super-cooling can make skin pore abrupt lock, blood-vessel shrinks suddenly, the quantity of heat inside body sends out do not come out. Be in especially burning hot night, the regular meeting after bathing cold water makes the person feels limply, ache of shoulder, genu and bellyacke, can become what arthritis reachs disease of chronic stomach bowel to cause an element even. The water that general summer bathes is warm with not under 10 ℃ had better.

Time: No matter Chun Xiaqiu winter, bathing time all shoulds not be too long, bathe every time time with 15 ~ 30 minutes advisable, in case heart head is anoxic, be short of blood.

Soap: In daily life, the soap that people uses has 4 kinds. Hard black, contain alkaline much, resemble washing clothes black; Soft soap, contain alkali number to be under 25 % , resemble all sorts of toilet soap; Cross fat black, do not contain alkaline; Medicated soap. Effect of black of this 4 seed manure differs each, accommodative object is different also. Hard black is applied to fat model cutaneous person, because of it bubble is abounded, decontamination force is powerful; And soft soap, black crossing fat is applied to dry model the skin and baby; The medicated soap of different type has disinfection, bacteriostasis, have certain curative effect to dermatosis patient. The old people in be like because on the low side of skin water content, often itching, appropriate uses the medicated soap that contains carbolic acid; Fat model the skin and the person that have acne are usable contain sulfureous medicated soap; Boric acid black applies to a baby, because its skin is thin tender.
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