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Bathing water of pregnant woman autumn is warm should not be too tall
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According to Nanjing of Xinhua News Agency courtyard of health care of women and children of electric Nanjing city is obstetric on September 6 Man Gong of chairman doctor Cai says, the water when autumn pregnant woman bathes is warm should not be too tall, be opposite otherwise fetal and adverse.

Hot bath of day cool bubble is very cozy job to Everyman, but high fever can cause death of fetal nerve cell, make amount of cranial nerve cell decreases. The expert points out, after cranial nerve cell dies, be cannot reborn, can rely on a few colloid cells to replace only. These colloid cells lack the physiology function of nerve cell, affect intelligence and other head function consequently, make child intelligence low, reaction force is poor, the water Wen Ye that although the weather is cold,so pregnant woman bathes cannot too tall.

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